SunnComm update to finally plug the Shift-Key embarrassment

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 When  SunnComm showed off its MediaMax technology back in 2003,           it claimed complete  playability in any CD-player while preventing unauthorised copying in PCs.   However despite...
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If a protected CD has a data track on it, then it won’t play on an RCA MP3/CD standalone - I found that out the hard way trying to play CDs with an “extras” track for the computer on them. (Yeah I know. Those are POS players, but the closeout price was soooo irresistable!) I would guess the player checks for data first and and assumes it’s a MP3 cd. If a data track is present sans MP3s, it’s a data disc and it stops. Of course, I only have one disc like that, seeing as how I havn’t bought a new CD in almost 3 years. The point? Sunncomm is full of it. But you knew that already. :B

So are these discs actually going to comply to book standards, or is Phillips going to get their panties in a wad again and hopefully sue them because they are making a noncompliant CD.

yawn If you can hear it, you can copy it.

“If you can hear it, you can copy it.” Not for long. But if it makes you feel better to hang on to that belief… then cling to it. Cling to it as hard as you can…

Here’s another approach that hits the distribution channel where it counts - in the pocketbook. Does it comply to book standards ? (y/n). If “n” then back to the vendor (store) it goes with the following comment: “You have sold me defective media - please exchange it for fully compliant media. I do NOT want a refund - I want an EXCHANGE for COMPLIANT media. I don’t care if we have to go through and OPEN your entire stock of this item - we will do so until you sell me fully compliant media. If you refuse to comply, I will take you to small claims court and charge you with FRAUD.” Ensure that this is done with LOTS of customers present - in my experience, sales people / management will do almost anything to shut an irate customer up if they are painting the store in a bad light. Also, do bear in mind that the majority of music customers today are young and computer literate and as such are very likely to understand exactly what is going on.
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whats the whole point of stopping these “casual copying”, people will just turn on there p2p clients and download the album, unrestricted, without the extra DRM sh*t. Are they forcing to us to use P2P now?

“If you can hear it, you can copy it.” That is a tiresome and boring statment, clearly SunnComm plugged the Analog hole with Dark Noise so that isnt’t a true statment anymore so try using SOMETHING more original and inteligent next time.

you know guys… YOU DONT HAVE TO INSTALL THIS PROGRAM… I do find it hard to believe that company’s still buy this software… ever notice the BEST ones are the FREE ones?

Funny statement: “Also, Recordable CDs have outsold prerecorded audio CDs by a ratio of 2:1.” I can come up with atleast 100 resons why to buy and burd CD-R’s without coming close to burning “pirated” music on it. /PeJo

You’re quite right there. The music industry compared the total number of CD-R’s sold compared to only CD’s that were sold with music. Game backing up makes a huge factor and up until recently DVD->DivX/XviD conversions also :stuck_out_tongue:

Just getting around to fixing the loophole when the minor flaw was discovered in 2003. Must not be that important. “While SunnComm knows that some advanced users may be able to break the protection” All it takes is a few to defeat this nonsense and the files will be readily available as was their previous attempts at copy protection which showed up on filesharing groups as well as news groups.

“Not for long. But if it makes you feel better to hang on to that belief… then cling to it. Cling to it as hard as you can…” “clearly SunnComm plugged the Analog hole with Dark Noise” LOL, talk about having your head in the sand. How about a little enlightenment… after you read that article, do you really think it’ll be stopped by adding background noise?! pfft! And your placing stock in a company that had they’re “protection” circumvented by a stupid shift key!!! LOL Software companies have been fighting this battle since day 1, and still haven’t won. And they’re protection schemes are 1000 times more complex than the music industry!!! Well at least you’ve taught me one thing, ignorance truly is bliss.

I fail to see why you’re so emotional over this? I also fail to see what that article has to do with Dark Noise? It’s just a warez promo. Even analog Macrovision can be defeated, however it causes “unwanted” problems…besides the point I was making was “if you can hear it you can copy it” which is no longer true.