SunnComm unveils MediaMax CD-3 technologies

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SunnComm has today unveiled their latest copy protection technology MediaMax CD-3. The technology should prevent unauthorized copying, but still give consumers the ability of fair use.

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HI :The technology should prevent unauthorized copying How many times have we heard this now :wink: Prevent, disturb … Fuck you Copyprotection companys Gräfdig Gloners

MediaMax CD3 means you need to throw away 3 copies before you have a working one …, or did I misunderstood their goal?:slight_smile:

YES!!! I’ve been looking forward to a CD that lets me play it in a computer, but not allow me to copy it! This definately enhances my user experience! Remember! Real fans get the real thing, because not only is it illegal to copy CDs, it’s a drag! :g [/sarcasm]

Is anyone going to all this trouble…or will we just not use them, sit back, and watch another company fall off the stock exchange…:7

I guess they haven’t heard of a program called Total Recorder. It intercepts anything sent to the sound card before it’s converted to a analog signal and records it as either mp3 or wav. Some protection! :+

If you believe this crap about not being copied or put on p2p file sharing programs i will sell you Florida for $9.95 and give you a 800 phone number plus hand you a receipt. This is the very same company that BOASTED 1st"unhackable Charley Pride Album" -Napster Proof,etc…Also became one ofthe first to go down the tubes as being hacked. Once it’s determined what CD’s have this crap on it, before the sun sets this will be history. I sure hope they have enough brains to put on the CD’s that its copy protected in order to prevent some more law suits.

Update, just read a white paper on how to defeat digital rights management 7.1 including source code to defeat complex alogarithms.

Err - I tried Total Recorder the other day, as I fancied copying a tune I’d been working on - within Propellerheads music studio Reason . . And guess wot - a kick in the bollox was just around the corner. All went well until about 30 secs into the track, and evil high pitched naughtyness crept in ! I had the latest full working professional version (perfectly configured) running on Win 2000 Pro. Oh well (sigh) :4

Don’t worry about anything from Sunncomm. We checked them out and they are only a stockmarket scam. They acquired some primitive technology that they used on the Charley Price CD. But that was it. All they do now is release fake press releases and have employed professional pumpers to pump the stock. We checked each of their PRs in detail several months after their release and found that almost every one proved to be a fiction. Their most notorious fake PR was a pr that said they had scored a $20M deal with a Taiwan CD maker called Will-Shown. It turns out that Will-Shown does not even exist. It is only a matter of time before the SEC cathes up with them.

What the heck is Sunncomm -> never seen a cd protected vith sunncomm sh*t :4

So I guess this will stop me copying through a digital-in port on my pc, as my sound card unfortunately doesn’t support SCMS copy protecton :4 And I’m also really looking forward to getting the latest version of microshit media player they’ll probably stick on there (and of course WMA’s sound great :r) Also you have to realise this makes their job easier as now they have less space on CDs for audio, so it takes some guy less time to write the bands’ songs for them

This is not a solution. If I pay, I want high quality sound, not some lossy format :frowning:

Ploegercr About 2 yrs ago Sunncomm was the first to boast that they had a “Napster Proof” CD “A Tribute To Jim Reeves” by Charley Pride and in fact if you go to their site you will still see that advertisement. However Andy McFadden cracked that and about the same time on this forum there was a visitor who presented a powerpoint presentation on how he hacked it. Best ppt i had seen in years and perhaps some of you remember that event. My time to tear this to shreds was approximately 45 minutes. Sunncomm also found out that approximately 2000 copies of Charley Pride’s album with no copy protection were released to Australia and shortly thereafter the files appeared on p2p programs. Says a lot about “Napster Proof” They were also sued because some woman bought the album and it wouldn’t work when she tried to play it at home, Sunncomm lost that suit and promised better labeling so you would know that you were purchasing a copyprotected CD. One of Sunncomm’s clients tried to play it in his shiny expensive vehicle and of course to his surprise it wouldn’t play in the vehicle’s CD player. CDmaker is absolutely correct in his assessment about Sunncomm and i figured them out with their press releases a long time ago and came to the same conclusions that snow jobs were abundant in Phoenix, Arizona They are now employing DRM with regards to WMA file(s) and having looked at the source code i found three places that are entirely without merit and there is possibly a fourth place that lacks substance and i looked at the code it was just a cursory examination. Just a thought , are we going to hear the BS about we can’t tell you wha CD’s are protected with MediaMax CD-3 because we don’t want to influence the consumer-Translated if we tell you we know it will be hacked before the day’s out.

sspade100. “They are now employing DRM with regards to WMA file(s) and having looked at the source code i found three places that are entirely without merit and there is possibly a fourth place that lacks substance and i looked at the code it was just a cursory examination.” Could you explain what you mean by that statement. I don’t quite understand. What is without merit?

Nothing to explain other then DRM has some loopholes which if not plugged will make surely the job of copying the files and playing on other computers other then the machine they were intended for a piece of cake.