SunnComm promises to improve its Audio CD DRM software

I just posted the article SunnComm promises to improve its Audio CD DRM software.


a company who developed controversial anti-piracy software used by some record labels including Sony has announced that they will begin working on removing security…

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Fine, " they will give the user the option to install or not and to uninstall their software" After “removing security flaws”, what will this software do inside your machine? Will it spy on you? Will it “tell its masters” what kind of other apllications you’ve got? Will it profile you and call home? If you exercise the “option” and not install, will you be able to use the disc you bought? Afte you uninstall, will “everything” be removed from your computer? When we think than once we had “Compact Disc Digital Audio” as a standard, and that this standard doesn’t allow discs to contain anything other but music files, we have to ask how these guys got the right to sell us CD-Roms as Music CDs (do they pay the CD Digital Audio fees?) and to invade our privacy just we paid some money to listen to the music (?, ok, sometimes) they sell!!!

“SunnComm promises to improve its Audio CD DRM software” It damn sure can’t get any worse! :frowning: I’m surprised they aren’t doing the programming from within prison walls! :d

Its funny how a lawsuit can bring on changes to attitudes;) There is only one thing I have to say about DRM and the labels that use it:r

Improving DRM can only make it worse :slight_smile:

like lambs to the slaughter the masses are people cant seem to see further than the end of their noses lately oh well keeping the money train well oiled will help them take your rights away from you DENIAL is the only way to stop them dont buy the crap and they wont hurt your rights buy the crap loose your rights its that simple

These guys are like pimps and pushers - they live off the misery of others. A pox on them!
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How many times have we heard some goof boasting of some new and improved DRM for audio CDs? Has this prevented ripping? No. It just makes it a littl eharder is all. Nothing will change that, short of abandoning the CDA format.

Define “improve”. That’s the weasly part.