"sunncomm" on Dave Matthews "Stand Up" cd



There is a new breed of copy protected audio cd being marketed in the USA.
A specific new title which comes to mind is “Stand Up” by the Dave Matthews Band.
This cd is protected by something put out by folks at Sunncomm.
It prevents full usage of the cd by installing a software driver on your computer as soon as the drive recognizes the cd, if your drive permits “autorun”. This driver apparently prevents your machine from accessing the standard digital audio tracks and forces you into highly restricted usage of some wma versions of the audio on the cd.

Personally, I have no sense of humour with anyone or anything that automatically pollutes my computer system and installs software on my computer without my specific, knowledgeable agreement. That is why I do not permit “autorun” on any cd device on my computers.

If you get one of these, I suggest you not use it on any computer that has autorun enabled.
If this suncomm software installs itself on your computer before you realize it is polluting your system, it can be disabled and removed.

Even better - do not buy any of these titles. Look for any references to “sunncomm” on the cover and refuse to purchase. Fortunately I noticed the sticker on my copy of the new Dave Matthews Band cd before I opened it, and even though I know how to get around this nonsense, I plan to return it to the store. It is an inferior product. If BMG’s objective was to convince me not to purchase this title - they have succeeded. I have plenty of other music to listen to.


SunnComm is nothing new, it has been around for at least three years already -just run a search on this very board. The left Shift key trick takes care of it, IIRC.