SunnComm MediaMax may be as bad as XCP without rootkit

I just posted the article SunnComm MediaMax may be as bad as XCP without rootkit.

 While  Sony's XCP Rootkit copy protection may have caused enough problems so far,  apparently the MediaMax  technology Sony uses to copy protect its other CDs can be just as bad  as XCP...
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“It looks like the felt-tip pen / sticky tape method will start coming in handy when it comes to these CDs, even as a temporary measure to make a local unprotected copy and then never pop the dreaded CD in the PC again.” Well, you could install AnyDVD (which safely disables both MediaMax, XCP and similar stuff) and forget, that this CD was ever protected. Unfortunately this will cost the legal buyer of such a CD another 39 bucks (29 with cdfreaks discount)…

If autorun is disabled on the optical drive, and you do not permit anything to run or install off the Sony virus infected cd - won’t it look like any other audio cd to the computer - with standard digital audio music tracks in the first session of the disc - just it like it looks to a standalone cd player?

Ha! Ha! SONY BMG, is truly treating all who purchase their music cd’s, as suckers one and all! In an article in the melbourne age dated november 23rd ,2005 one australian user Greg Vistarini, found that SONY BMG, return for defective infectious XCP rootkit cd’s, is limited to US addresses only, they do not have an international worldwide return policy! Now Dan Kaminsky, snapshot audit demonstrated that a mere 24% of the 568,000 infected computers were in America(japan has 35%!!!). Sony BMG USA,is obviously is trying to weasel it’s way out from under!, for the absolute minimum material cost. Oh well, SONY BMG , is a true customer last organization!, and it will continue to front token offers, to avoid full restitution!:r

You know, people used to tell me that people shouldn’t download music/movies because they could get infected with something nasty. I always responded by telling them “What’s stopping Microsoft or IBM or Sony from doing the same thing with their stuff.” And they would always say back “That’s stupid a big company would never do something stupid like that.” Looks like I win that arguement. Seems like downloading is safer than legally purchasing music, movies or games. That’s really sad…