SunnComm MediaMax leads in the US, cutting casual CD piracy

I just posted the article SunnComm MediaMax leads in the US, cutting casual CD piracy.

 Sunncomm  International has been very pleased by how well its MediaMax copy protection and  enhancement technology has taken off.  So far around 20 million discs have  been sold featuring...
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Like everything from SunnComm, take this PR with a grain of salt. Its just fluff… Leader in the US, means that they don’t want to compare worldwide. Their share is less than 5% worldwide. Macrovision dominates with 94% of world market. First4Interent is ramping up fast. Compatible with Apple? Just stick the MediaMax CDs on a Mac and they offer no protection. They compare their technology with some non-existent technology that no competitors offer. Great. They talk about being the consumer’s choice. Read Amazon comments on any release of theirs and you see nothing but contempt for the technolgy - unfriendly, crashes the computer, installs spyware. The only thing consumers like about it is it is so easy to bypass. SunnComm, Macrovision and First4Internet should all wise up to the fact that no one likes anything about their technology. So stop issuing press releases that pretend it ain’t so.

like star-force which claims that their protection is unbreakable on their web site, sunncomm is doing same thing to make average people to think that summcomm protected cds could not be copied. “Apple/Mac Compatibility”, that’s a good one :wink: unfortunately, the legit software/media stuffs are worse than pirated ones nowdays; my backup dvds (keeping all the legit ones just in case) are far better than my legit dvds as i don’t have to see previews & warnings for games, cracked ones are better because it usually won’t require disks in the drive & faster loading as they won’t check the disk + no buggy star force drivers which once crashed my windows system & i could not even boot from safe mode :d btw, like all the copy protections, it just makes my life annoying; i have stop buying games for pc not just because they are far more expensive than their worth but also the copy protection called star force which is way too buggy & i am lazy to find no disk cracks for my game another thing is that old version of star force protected games seems have major problems with win xp as all of my star force 1 and 2 protected games won’t play on win xp:(

The headline should have read “Suncomm strains shoulder reaching around to pat themselves on the back”. What a bunch of nonsense. I personally returned 1 cd and refused to buy another one because of suncomm’s ridiculous attempts at polluting customers computer with their software. I realize that the suncomm copy protection pollution is easily bypassed. But none of us should support organizations that install disabling software drivers on unsuspecting customer computers. Personally I hope the end result is lower sales for the music industry. I am doing my part, as I refuse to buy any of these polluted cd’s.