SunnComm MediaMax CD-3 to appear on the market soon

I just posted the article SunnComm MediaMax CD-3 to appear on the market soon.

About two weeks ago we reported that SunnComm, developer of the audio protection that never really hit off, Mediacloq had developed a new product called MediaMax CD-3. Of course development is one,…

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if it can be played back, it can be copied.

“But it seems that SunnComm has succeeded in selling their protection as the company has now released a press release that its technology has now been adopted by several manufacturing plants and will be used by many of the major record labels.” tut, tut. I don’t admire your comprehension skills. Nowhere does that pr say that they have suceeded in selling anything. It just says that some labels may begin testing the product. But don’t worry about that. The whole pr is just some fluff to divert attention from the fact that they are unable to deliver a form 10 filing satisfactory to the sec, after 2 years of trying. They are broke and survive by pumping their stock using exagerated prs and then selling into the spikes. They rely on investors taking their prs at face value rather than noting that almost every pr they have issued to date has been just fluff and not played out as claimed.

Message to CD Freaks webmasters: Every time you put up a story about copy protection, automatically generate a reply saying “If it can be played back, it can be copied” or “What man creates, man can crack”