SunnComm may sue student for exposing MediaMax weakness

I just posted the article SunnComm may sue student for exposing MediaMax weakness.

  Quakester2000 used our    news submit  to tell us that SunnComm intends  to take legal action against Alex halderman for exposing the weaknesses of their MediaMax  CD3 DRM...
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Are they going to go after people that have autorun disabled next… and people that run Linux and OSX, which do not support SunnComm’s software that loads when the disc is inserted :d. This impending legal action by SunnComm is almost as stupid as their dreaded “copy protection”

We should thank SunnComm for helping to weaken the validity of the DMCA by bringing forward this pathetic case.

hes going to get sued for holding down the shift key, this is the most frivoulous and desperate lawsuit ever.

“Are they going to go after people that have autorun disabled next” shift=disabling the autorun

BMG should sue SunnComm for making a crap copy protection system. I hope SunnComm shares crash and they go bust… :d

So Windows is the most “SOLD” Audio Copyprotection removal/bypass tool !!?? in Germany the use of such Software is illegal now

Damn, it looks like keyboards with shift keys just became illegal. Looks like we will all have to give up on capital letters and special symbols, and go buy legal keyboards without shift keys :+

Yeah, this indeed means Windows now provides active means of bypassing copyprotection :B waits for SunnComm vs. Microsoft case

Bmg should thank the student… otherwise it would have used this totally crap copy protection… go on this way Suncomm:B

Also, SunnComm’s autorun stuff may not be able to install the MediaMax driver on Windows NT/2000/XP if the user is not logged in with administrative or power user rights…

“hes going to get sued for holding down the shift key, this is the most frivoulous and desperate lawsuit ever.” Didn’t pay much attention did you… He’s being sued for publishing the methods to counter copy protection. Some of which go beyond simply pressing the shift key. This is considered illegal. This has nothing to do with the fact he was “holding down the shift key” but rather for what he did with that knowledge. I’m not backing the company. I think it’s a bullshit claim myself and I hope this starts the end of the DMCA, however it does no good to try and make their already idiotic lawsuits sound worse by exagerating. Or in this case completely misinterpreting the case. That just makes two incredibly stupid claims.
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Actually it’s for publishing the driver name and saying that the way to get round it is to unload it. It’s also interesting that they’re not actually allowed to call this a CD! The register article is definitely worth a read if you haven’t already…

katastrofe - did Philips not kick up about this thing where CDs can’t be called CDs if they’re featuring copy protection because it wasn’t part of the CD spec?

spacegrass you might be on to something, saw this in a related Forbes article. “Halderman’s graduate advisor at Princeton is Ed Felten, a computer science professor who once sued the Recording Industry Association of America in a challenge to the constitutionality of the DMCA. The RIAA had threatened action under the DMCA against Felten and colleagues after they said they would publish a paper disclosing flaws in an industry security initiative. That suit was eventually dismissed.” HMMM the plot thickens and SunnComm may have bittten off more than it can chew again by messing with Princeton. It is even feasable that they have fallen into a clever trap set by Halderman who is now pursuing a doctorate in computer science with an emphasis on computer security. I hope the suit backfires on SunnComm and weakens the DMCA. :d
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that is why I never put out bugs I find in software, i smply might get sued.

Yes they did, but from what I gather this isn’t outside the spec - all it is is a normal multisession with a separate program on it that blocks access to the first session. I think what philips were on about were CD’s with corrupted audio or corrupted file allocation tables on as these might not play in some systems

Lets sue the person who created the shift key…:stuck_out_tongue:

That does make this situation a bit more interesting… There may be valid reasons to disable that driver other than to copy the disc. Possibly another case of how the DMCA may infringe on First Ammendment rights. And how much legal weight do the terms of their EULA carry, in regards to fair use, and the inherent weaknesses of their copy-protection?

update on the lawsuit: