SunnComm kicks it up a notch on easily bypassed MediaMax

I just posted the article SunnComm kicks it up a notch on easily bypassed MediaMax.

SunnComm Ups
CD Security Another Notch
MediaMax™ Adds Another Level Of Security While Remaining Compact Disc
PHOENIX, AZ – (MARKET WIRE) – 10/12/2005 – MediaMax…

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This issue is easily dealt with. Whenever I consider buying a cd these days, the first thing I look for is anything that indicates the cd will attempt to pollute my computer with drivers or software. As soon as I see any indication of “suncomm” anywhere on the packaging, the cd goes back on the shelf. I would have enjoyed listening to some of the cd’s mentioned in the article, but I bought other releases which did not come with this nonsense on it and am enjoying them just fine.

This is just another diversion from SunnComm to keep shareholders on the hook. The audit of SunnComm and MediaMax Technology is in jeopardy because the auditors won’t sign off, due to what they discovered. So rather than tell shareholders the real truth about what is going on, they issue fluff PRs to divert their attention. Did anyone notice that they haven’t divulged anything about this new technology? That is because they haven’t anything new. This is their 3rd PR stating they have solved the shift key problem and yet all CDs released by SunnComm can have the copy protection bypassed by holding down the shift key or turning off autorun. Just go to the Sony/BMG site. They even tell people how to use the Shift Key bypass if they want to load the music on an iPod. SunnComm are broke and earning revenues (not profits) of around $100K per quarter. They need to sell millions of shares to stay alive, so almost every week or so, they issue bull**** PRs to try and make potential investors think they have something. All the while the executives are paying themselves enormous salaries from the proceeds of these share sales. I think the SEC will put a stop to this farce soon.

Are you serious? Dogbert investments just rated SunComm a strong buy! :d

Based on what??? SunnComm haven’t submitted financials to the SEC since 2001 and even that was withdrawn a few months later because they couldn’t answer the questions raised. So what is their but decision based on? They don’t know the company revenue, their expenses, their debt, their market shares… they know nothing about the company because the company doesn;t report. So how could they rate it a buy, unless they pimp penny stocks and receive compensation for doing so by the company. SunnComm has done this many times.