SunnComm defeats shift key hack adds tune sharing mail



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  SunnComm the developer of the  MediaMax copy protection has been busy. As we all know they caught merciless  criticism when it was discovered that by merely defeating Windows autoplay or by ...
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Let’s see…Media CloQ was first which was not much, then there subchannel error watermarking (something channel) which flopped and media max was even worse (bad history here). SunnComm has always been masters at writing press releases but when it boils down to the actual product it hasn’t been much, I thought the company was bankrupt by now? I guess there’s a lot of stupid ppl investing in them…ha! I would say they may have used some of the mediaCloQ technology or basis to cover-up the shift key, that is NOT 100%! The felt pen trick has to work one way or another.


“sunncomm has been the masters at writing press releases”. I couldn’t agree more. That is all they do. They are in serious trouble with no possibility of making money on the revenue they earn. Less than $200K since inception 4 years ago (to June 30th). They are in panic mode because BMG are now seriously looking at taking up Macrovision’s product instead. I have it on good authority from a friend who works for BMG that they have been testing Macrovision’s newest release and are “over the moon” with it. All SunnComm can do is bang out some press releases to give the impression they have something to offer. When SG Cowan noted that the industry needed on the fly ripping technology and Macrovision were working on it, then SunnComm issued a PR that they had made a breakthrough in that field. A few days ago, there was a widespread article about Macrovision’s newest techonolgy that got around issues with the shift key by still stoppig users copy/ripping the disk even if the shift key is pressed, SunnComm then today annouces that they have breakthrough technology to do the same. It was only a month ago that SunnComm were telling everyone that they didn’t need to fix the shift key issue because the labels were happy with the product as it is. What a load of codswallop. And then there were their announcements on using Stealth Medialabs technology and Darknoise. Just announcements, nothing happened. I have even heard they are leaking rumpours to pump websites about deals with other labels. If true, that would be highly illegal. If they survive to Christmas I will be surprised.


Sorry , error in above. Should read: “Less than 200K since inception 4 years ago (to June 30th).”


If the software was needed, no standalone-player would play it…


READ THIS OK And what about inserting the cd before windows boots. for example go to your bios incert the disc. start the system. login. start clonecd or BW. create a single session only copy. rip from the copy. Thats how i defeat all audio copy protections … k2a, cds100, 200 docloc. with my plex40TSI and toshiba cdrom. By the way. I never had any trouble with reading CDS200 (same as mediamx) etc. when using Plextools Single Session ONLY drive enabled. :slight_smile: good bya multisession protection schemes :stuck_out_tongue: UPDATE: I found this intresting information on the website under support: Question - Can I play MediaMax CDs on Linux computers? Answer - Yes and no. MediaMax does not support the Linux operating system, so you will not have access to the bonus features included on the CD. However, Linux systems can play the audio portion of the CD normally, just the same as they would any other music CD. :stuck_out_tongue:
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ploegercr, so… you’re saying just copy the whole CD into memory using popular CD booting Linux distributions and burn out to CDR? :S sounds like a cunning plan!