SunnComm backs down and decides not to sue Halderman

I just posted the article SunnComm backs down and decides not to sue Halderman.

Thanks to Daemonicus for this latest update in the SunnComm Princeton clash. This article just appeared on the Daily Princetonian. Very exciting news indeed. SunnComm …

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“I don’t want to be the guy that creates any kind of chilling effect on research,” Jacobs said. What he is thinking is: I don’t want to be the guy that creates any kind of excuse to re-evaluate the DMCA that might be overturned if stupid lawsuits like the one I was planning could be used to stop some guy talking about the shift key, Jacobs though to himself.

SunnComm probably changed their minds after their stock dropped about 30%yesterday :d (hope I don’t get in trouble for holding the shift key to Cap my letters)

I agree with Daemonicus, the stock drops on news of thier sorry product, so the worst thing to do now is wade in up to your nose in a very public lawsuit firehosing money at a situation that will inform the world of their stupidity. Not to mention taking on the folks that have something missing at SunnComm -a brain-. They need to focus on comforting BMG and his label to assure them that they made a brillant decision by using mediamax3. In other words they need a spinmaster and they need one now. Jacob should be announcing soon that he is leaving SunnComm to explore “opportunites in another area” or say he wants to spend more time with his family. He is done now. :r

They didn’t have a leg to stand on.
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Let’s face it Their protection is garbage J Halderman just pointed out which almost all of us knew already "There is no such thing as copy protection for audio and there never will be.

Some machinery makers test their product to destruction to find its weaknesses and upper limits…with the decisions made by some ceo’s lately, methinks they’re using the same test…:X

a) What’s so ‘technical’ about holding down the Shift key? And wouldn’t the background app that auto-runs be visible in the Task Manager? (click, kill, go on happily ever after) b) What’s so hard about deactivating “autoplay data” shortly after you install a Windows operating system? It’s the first thing bright people do, because you never know WHAT is on that CD you just stuck in the drive. c) So the industry flaks who praised this system as the greatest thing either don’t use a non-Windows computer or don’t have the sense to turn off autoplay? Telling. :g

Why do we need laws to protect copy protection. If copy protections can’t protect themselves then they don’t work. Anyway the next time somebody comes out with the next great idea on how to break a major corporations copy protection maybe next time they should keep their name to themselves. A DMCA lawsuit isn’t my idea of fame.

With this powerful copy-pro (hitting the Shift key) and bringing it more into the light of the world for the world to scruntinize only shows the stupidity of this company.

And those that bought into it :wink: