SunnComm announces P2P music sharing without piracy

I just posted the article SunnComm announces P2P music sharing without piracy.

SunnComm, the company behind the MediaCloQ audio copy protection announces in a press release on Yahoo that they have developed a new technology that should allow consumers to share music without…

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Sunncomm is behind MediaCloq… Midbar (Tel Aviv) is behind Cactus Data Shield!

Oops, corrected !

Sunncomm’s anti-piracy technique(s) so far have been defeatable without as much as causing a sweat on the brow and the DRM technology and source code is rather flimsy to say the least. This is the very same company that boasted Charley Pride’s album as strong as a rock, mabye they meant a pebble. Lower the price(s) on CD’s and have decent songs and perhaps that might help. Paying Sunncomm, Midbar and others to create garbage just raises the price of CD’s and also raises the ire of consumers. Didn’t Roger Ebert(movie critic) and Marc Andressen say that this is just a waste of time?

and of course money :slight_smile:

hmm well if they want to shove this crap up our throat they can`t. nomatter what ppl will still be able to download music 4 free as long as they keep cd prices up.

This is less delusional than anything else the industry’s done in a while but the fact remains: they are bound and determined NOT to offer us anything better than current file-swapping. They only want us to pay repeatedly for crippled content. If they’d thought of this in 1996, it might have had a chance, when the idea had seemed new and revolutionary. But Shawn Fanning beat them to it and did a better job FOUR YEARS ago! After years at war with us, the music industry seriously expects to toss us a meatless bone and us to come flocking back? Status quo ante bellum? I don’t think so. If they want our dollars back, they need to COMPETE in the marketplace. That is: offer me something Grokster can’t. High bitrates, quality rips, complete file info, fast reliable downloads… P2P still sucks in a lot of areas and there’s a lot the industry could do to compete fairly. But the more time they waste trying to force us to do thing stheir way, the more polished P2P gets.

I agree that they missed the boat. If the music was high quality, maybe, and if it was easily distributed and had a small filesize, again maybe. But since they are only offering us a crippled version of what we already have, they can go to heck! No-one is going to give up exisitng P2P for high quality and (most importantly) FREE and easily distributable music in favour of their dodgy scheme.