SunnComm announces new hybrid DVD/CD format



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  SunnComm  Announces Revolutionary New Hybrid DVD/CD Entertainment  Technology PHOENIX,  Sept. 7, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- SunnComm International  (Pink Sheets: SCMI), creator of MediaMax(TM)...
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This is a complete joke. In the past few years they have come up with so many “revolutionary” products that its amazing they share price is still at 3 cents. There was the StealtMedia product that was to allow watermarking of audio CDs. Never heard of again. There was their DarkNoise Technology that was to plug the audio analog hole. Never heard of again (that was actually a fraud). Darknoise did not even reside at the address SunnComm gave and which they were to make their European HQ). Then there was their DVD copy protection that they were tesing will all the major studios. The studios said they never even heard of it and 18 months later, not one word from SunnComm on that product. There was the 11 international subsidiaries they were to set up. These turned out to be just 2 dollar companies registered in the US and most have since expired. Check this link (put Sunncomm as Corporation Name): /AnonymousAccess/CorpSearch/CorpSearch.aspx Then they announced that they had solved their shift key problem about a year ago. Yet all their CDs can still be bypassed by holding down the Shift Key (or disabling Autorun) This latest technology relies on Mediamax being installed on the PC to play this new format. But that means these DVDs will not play on non-PC based DVD players!!! What a joke. This PR is just to hide the fact that the planned merger between SunnComm and MediaMax Technology has run into serious problems because of what the auditors found. This fluff PR is just a diversion to keep the shareholders happy so that they don’t enquire into the merger problems. That merger was just a fraud to begin with. Read this article to see why: Edited long link messing with layout
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