SunnComm achieves breakthrough in DVD protection

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June 28, 2004 08:46 AM US Eastern Timezone SunnComm Achieves Breakthrough in DVD Protection PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 28, 2004–SunnComm International, Inc. (OTC:…

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Isn’t this the company that brought us the “hold down the shift key to disable me” protection? Notice how they say it will detour “casual copying”. Nowhere do they mention hardcore copying. Since media statements are always hyped up, I can imagine how effective this protection will be.

>>The SunnComm MediaMaxDVD technology will include features and enhancements never before found on a commercial DVD Features? Enhancements? Anyone want to take a guess at what those features are, and how much personal info you’ll need to give up to get them? I know a feature I’d like to see is the ability to watch a DVD without having to sit through all the extra features. :B

grin I’m sure the ‘enhanchements’ come in the line of “Do less with the same!” :slight_smile:

is it just me, or does this press release sound more amateurish than usual? They seem eager to talk about their operation “spanning two continents” now, as well as their “patent applications”. Hmmm… My favourite line, tho: " These enhancements have been designed to create greater entertainment value for the consumer while boosting incremental sales and contributing to higher price points on catalog DVD releases."

Well spotted cynicalbastard: “while boosting incremental sales and contributing to higher price points on catalog DVD releases.” So, their plan is to reduce piracy and as a result RAISE the price of a standard DVD release. I thought piracy was the argument for high CD/DVD prices in the first place. Now they state that they wish to not only get rid of piracy but ALSO increase prices. Suppose, makes a change to be honest for once! :c:g

Yeah what’s with that raising prices talk?!? Maybe it’s because their lame protection will cost so much that it will make dvd’s more expensive :frowning:

If they do stop all copying it will be like the Simpsons episode where they took Itchy and Scratchy off the air. All the users will walk out into the fresh air and blink at the bright sunlight.:wink: :B