Sunfire Announces Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Subwoofer placement just got a little easier. Instead of trying to place that beast somewhere near the rest of your A/V setup, Sunfire wants to send it on its way.

The company just announced the Sunfire Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit. Designed to work with almost any subwoofer, the Kit features a receiver and a transmitter.

Of course, it’s not truly wireless. You will still need an electrical outlet. However, the Kit does allow a little freedom when it comes to placement, allowing listeners to place the subwoofer up to 25 feet from the audio source.

If you’ve got two subs, this setup does not discriminate. One transmitter can support two receivers, making both wireless.

“The key to bass performance is the same as the key to real estate—location, location, location,” said Mark Weisenberg, Sunfire’s GM. “Having a hard-wired subwoofer limits where it can be placed, and improper placement can decrease the quality of the bass. With our new universal wireless subwoofer kit, homeowners can now place their sub wherever it sounds best, not just where it is convenient.”

Although Sunfire is marketing this as a kit, the SDSWITX Wireless Transmitter and the SDSWIRX Wireless Receiver are sold separately. You will need both for one sub, but you also won’t need to buy two full kits for a two-sub setup. Sunfire has priced each item at $80 each, or $160 for a one-sub setup.