Sunday stupid Link! (not supid? please don't post)

This link will take you to a small movie showing what a student can do with a little imagination. Not bad at all.
It is in French but you can chose a version with subtitle.

You like Shakira? Enjoy!!

Does this sound like the dealship you bought your car from?

You are bored? help the cars cross the field!!!
This is a little game that is fun. Just follow the link and follow the procedure.

Let see how you dive!!! An other little game to keep you in front of you PC.
To start moving the guy you need to press the “space” bar. Then to jump you press again “space”. Once ine the air use the arrows to show what you can do :wink:

Don’t “Sunday stupid links” have to be posted on Sunday?

edit: I am an idiot. I don’t know what day of the week it is.

When I posted the last time, it was sunday (1:30 AM)!!!

oh crap

That game is pretty addicting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo … do you sleep some time???
For next week I know already what you are going to get :wink:

[U]Sunday July, 23rd[/U]

Make a coffe machine out of your computer:

Are you a Bowman? Let’s see:


As it’s Sunday again, I thought I’d dig this up with a link given to me by another member.

You may have seen it before…good for a giggle or a groan though:

Probably the most stupid game ever: Be Zizou and his legendary head in the chest.

Darth Vader being sarcastic

This is the most stupid game there is on earth!!! I don’t think I will ever find worth game ever:
No comments …

check out this pink thong…

heres a Sunday song…sung by none other than Dubya…Sunday bloody Sunday…

That’s a nice one

Oh dear … the worst thing about sunday bloody sunday, is that it’s the end of the blooming weekend :sad:

Show us your biker skills:

Avery easy game to play with you mouse only.

Splinter Cell Zidane :wink: