Sunday Sales (US) Bestbuy Fuji DVD+-R 8x

I see Bestbuy finally has Fuji DVD±R 8x on sale again $19.99 after “instant” rebates.

I totally missed “ripits” post

Delete this please

just picked up a pack of these at my local BB made it japan and is

Pre-recorded Information:
Manufacturer ID: TYG02


Me too, Sohw. My lot numbers were TG001158 and TG001159 for DVD+R. Please post your lot numbers to the other thread entitled Tomorrow’s Sales. This one is a mistake. Eagleclaw ask that it be deleted.

Let’s use the Tomorrow’s Sales thread instead of this one.

I picked up a spindle of -R 50 MIJ yesterday at BB
and happened to look at the disc surface and saw spotting
on most of the discs in the spindle.

I then did a search on the cdfreaks forums and found out
this has been a problem with fuji.
So I’ll probably exchange these for another spindle of fuji
-R MIJ today, if the new ones are also spotted I guess I’ll forget fuji.

Actually does anyone know if the fuji -R MIT’s had the
same problems and if not are they worth getting for
$20 normally they are $40 ?
I have a lite-on 1673s if that matters in this case.