Sun Microsystems want to share their DReaM DRM scheme

I just posted the article Sun Microsystems want to share their DReaM DRM scheme.

Calling this the
“participation age” Sun’s chief operating officer during a keynote speech
at the Progress and Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit in Aspen, Colorado,
expressed his desire to…

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So much misdirection, how quaint. An anology to the situation is - which pair of hand cuffs do you want to wear? DRM is just that, hand cuffs whether innocent or guilty, not even until proven innocent. It comes down to breaking the cuffs or having a key made for each flavor. Power to DRM and the lack of honesty. :B

Dream DRM. LOL. Sun just trying to push more of its own technologies in a more indirect way.

All I know is “ain’t nothin free”