Sumvision sv1000 questions?

I really need help, i got this sv1000 2 days ago but some times the voices go out of sync, this is not on playing discs this is through relaying sky through scart?
Also is there a way to turn off the word RECORDING and the timer when you do record off tv/sat.
And last is there away to turn off macro using any type of remote commands.
Many thanks all i have looked around the forum and cannot seem to find answers.
So this is my first post.
Regards JASE7.

Can’t help you with the syncing (haven’t recorded anything off Sky) or macro but the screen display info can be removed by pressing the OSD (On Screen Display) button on your remote. It cycles through 3 or 4 on screen data options before going to no data.

I had the same problem with Telewest Digital. The effect only happens when you’r watching the same thing that you’r recording right ? When you playback the recording the voice is in sync - correct so far ?

Do you have some sort of “Mode selectable” amplifier in the mix somewhere. By which I mean you can switch the sound between DVD / TV / VCR etc depending on what the source of the item you are watching is ?

If none of the above apply, then double check in the Sumvision Setup that it’s NOT set to NTSC. Somehow mine reset to NTSC ( I would never have knowingly changed this from PAL ), and that cause my playbacks to be out of sync too, so I suppose it’s not that.