Sumvision SV1000 - Analogue Outputs?



Hi all,

I have nearly decided to purchase this recorder but need analogue output of dolby digital audio. I know this player does decoding on board although the photos I’ve seen of the rear show only 4 phono outputs. Surely it needs 6?? (FR, FL, RR, RL, Centre, Sub)

Could someone confirm that this recorder does/does not have all 6 phonos on the back?




Welcome to the CD Freaks forum :slight_smile:

From the photos I have come across also (although small), the rear of the unit only has the standard 4-phono outputs: Left Audio, Right Audio, Composite Video and Coaxial Digitial Audio. Virtually all DVD players and recorders that I’m aware of decode Dolby Digital since very few DVDs have a plain PCM sound. However, what most DVD recorders do is down-mix the channels to stereo unless hooked up to a digital amplifier.

The main feature you’ll need to look out for is 5.1 decoded channel output or something else that indicates 6 channels of analogue sound.

Finally, just be careful about counting the number of phono outputs on the rear of a DVD Player/recorder, since some devices such as the Lite-On series have component video output, which adds another 3x Phono outputs to the rear. :doh: For example Lite-On’s LVW-1105HC+ has 7 phono outputs which from a distance may look like 6 channels of Audio and one video channel, when in fact these consist of L+R Stereo Audio, Composite Video, Digital Audio and 3xComponent Video.


Hi Seán and thanks for the welcome!

From many emails between SVP it appears that the SV1000 does not indeed have the internal decoder (hence the missing outputs). I noticed today that they have now modified their web site to show this.

I think I am going to go for the Ellion Digital 530S (from Scan) instead which definately has the decoder (and relevant outputs) and imo looks nicer too.

Any big problems with this recorder?


{Edit} I’ve just realised that although the Ellion also claims to have a DD decoder onboard that it too doesn’t have the 6 phono outputs! [I had mistaken the component outputs on a photo of the rear of the machine] … :a So how does anyone actually actually use the internal decoder if not with 6 phono outputs??? :frowning:


Just watch out for those component AV outputs when counting connections. As I mentioned above, pretty much all DVD players feature built-in Dolby Digital docoding, but those with stereo outputs simply down-mix the channels to stereo.

So far, I have not come across any DVD recorders with 6 individual analogue outputs, even though some DVD players have this feature. I checked several Panasonic models also and all have basic 2-channel stereo out.

However, another alternative worth considering is getting a standalone Dolby Digital / DTS decoder, assuming you have space for one. For example, Creative has a dedicated decoder (DDTS-100), which features 3 optical inputs, 1 coaxial input and 3 stereo inputs. It has 8 analogue outputs for connecting up to the analogue phono inputs of a 6 to 8 speaker amplifier. This means that all you would have to look out for is a DVD player with either an optical or digital audio output. As it decodes DTS, this would be a big advantage also as some DVD players that feature 6 analogue audio ouputs will only decode Dolby Digitial and rely on an external decoder to handle DTS. :wink: Unfortunately, as this is a vertical standing decoder, this will unlikely fit under the TV.