Sumvision SV-1001 Help please

Can anybody help me how to set this recorder up?

I have a SKY Digital box connected to my TV and I want to record from TV to DVD+R.

I have one scart socket from the Sky digibox going to the TV (input1), and the second scart socket from the sky digibox going to the SV1001, the second scart of the SV1001 goes back to the second scart (input2) on the TV, there are many ways to set it up depending on how many/what type of inputs your TV has. What problems are you having??

I connected as you said and selected Source as SCART, when I press record button nothing happens

When you say nothing happens what exactly do you mean. When you select scart as source you should see the TV change from the Sumvision screen to a TV picture with the information bar telling you the you are monitoring scart, and the record mode you have selected (sp etc). Assuming that you have a DVD+R in the tray, pressing record should then start to record, and the information bar should show the recorded time and the time remaining on the DVD.

Please try to be a bit more explicit than saying ‘nothing happens’, it just makes it harder to advise you. :slight_smile:

Does anybody knows if this model supports PAL-B reception?


have you tuned stations in on dvd properly for tv and digibox