Sumvision SV-1001 DVD+R/RW recorder

I bought one of these Divx player/DVD recorders from SVP UK and so far I am impressed with it.

Setting up the player was very easy despite the fact that some parts of the manual (translated from Chinese) are a bit confusing. The SV-1001 has a wide range of inputs and outputs catering for just about any settup, including USB and finewire.

Recording to DVD+R or DVD+RW is very simple, Select whichever source input you need, set up one of the record lengths HQ 1hour, SP 2hour, EP 4hours, SLP 6hours, and press record (or set the timer for timed recording) so far I have used HQ and SP with very good results. Recordings can be chaptered into five minute chunks or chaptering can be turned off. There are some basic editing options, hide chapter, rename the recorded file, selects an image capture from the recorded file for the (very basic) disk menu, rename disk etc. Disks must be finalised from the disk menu for playing in other players, there is also a ‘make compatible’ option for DVD+RW.

Despite the fact that the manual states that macrovision will stop you from recording copyright material, I had no problems putting some protected VHS tapes onto DVD, so I tried a DVD original to DVD, that also recorded fine.

Divx playback on this the SV-1001 is as good as many players on the market, Qpel is not handled, and there are no Divx/Xvid subtitles, apart from that it played all the disks that I have tried.

All in all a pretty good recorder for the price. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the brief review - can you elaborate on the USB port and what it’s supposed to be for?

The USB port allows playback of .jpg picture files or MP3 files only from a USB flashdisk It does not recognise PC based external hard drives. :slight_smile:

Aha! Thanks.

Interesting stuff.

With MPEG4 playback, this looks like the best of the cheapie DVD recorders that is around at the moment.


I’ve had a Umax / Yamada DVR-8400X DVD+R/W recorder with DiVX/XViD playback for about 3 months now. Can’t remember exactly what it cost (£120 quid??) Ebuyer.

It works but God knows why I bought it.


Ah yes, Yamada 8400X DVD Recorder (Ebuyer)

£118.68 inc VAT

Which is “best” is arguable. The price isn’t. (Oh, yeah, I know 99p delivery weekend etc…)


Is RGB loopthrough possible on both these machines in standby?

@KDH The Sumvision has to be switched on for RGB loopthrough, you lose it in standby.

Another problem is that Divx/Xvid with AC3 is only output as stereo, I emailed Sumvision about this the other day but no reply so far. A correction about the macravision by the way, some stuff does get blocked, so far the only stuff (DVD and VCR) that has caused problems is Disney stuff, no skin off my nose about that because only the kids watch them.

The Umax loops RGB through in standby.

Oh it too has a USB thingy (and FireWire).

The DiVX I watch (actually on my Pioneer) never has AC3 :-), so no comment.


aybeesea can we make this thread abvout the Sumvision (as it started) to avoid confusion, please make a fresh thread about the Yamada. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hello all. This is about the Sumvision, Bonzo1, but I have to mention the Yamada as well. I bought a Yamada 8400x a few weeks ago but returned it due to excessive noise and the fact that the remote had to be at 90 degrees to the player before it would work - even then it often took 2 or more presses to work.

I eventually bought a Sumvision SV1001 which turned out to have exactly the same ‘engine’ as the 8400x (exactly the same menus, operation and presumably firmware). The Sumvision is very quiet and the remote works fine.

The only difference is that the Sumvision has no one touch timer record function (record for 30/60/90 etc mins by pressing the record button) but I feel sure the 8400x did have this - perhaps a different/later version firmware? There doesn’t seem to be any firmware around for the Sumvision but perhaps the Yamada one might work?

The Sumvision’s picture and sound quality are excellent, especially using the built-in component video and optical-digital audio outputs. The remote is rather crowded and many of the buttons are very small and difficult to find, but everything is there somewhere. On screen menus are rather crude but quite functional once you get used to them. There are a few annoying quirks, such as timer dates being in american mm/dd format and having to cycle through the rear CVBS and SVideo inputs to select the Scart option (surely Scart should be the default?) there are separate buttons for front, rear and TV tuner inputs though, which is handy.

You can remove ads by using the add/hide chapter functions - clunky but it works ok if you are prepared to spend a little time on it. You can also split one title into two separate titles - again, this works ok but can take up to 30 mins apparently. Neither of the machines play video via the USB port:(

A weird thing about both machines is that when playing the Ghostbusters DVD, they display a subtitle message over the picture saying that the TV should be switched to 4:3 format for the commentary to work (this shows continuously alternating between English and German even when the commentary is turned off). I can obviously live without ever seeing Ghostbusters again, but I wonder if it will do this with any other DVD’s?

Overall, the Sumvision is excellent value and does what it says on the tin.

Oh yes, and be prepared to be blinded by the blue lights that encircle the control buttons when not in stand-by! They really are very bright and alittle distracting sometimes.

Hi All

I have a few questions about this recorder

  1. Can it record directly from my Telewest box?
  2. Does it have a scart in & out>
  3. Once you have recorded someting from the TV can you edit out the adverts etc?
  4. Is it multi-region?
  5. Can you set timer to record tv when you are out?


  1. Can it record directly from my Telewest box?

It records direct from a sky box, I don’t have Telewest but it should not be a problem.

  1. Does it have a scart in & out>


  1. Once you have recorded someting from the TV can you edit out the adverts etc?

Chapter marks can be placed every five minutes, so you could hide chapters with adverts in, but it is only coarse editing, it would be very hit and miss.

  1. Is it multi-region?

Yes it appears to be multi region out of the box. I have player R1 and R2 DVD’s with no problem.

  1. Can you set timer to record tv when you are out?


Hey Thanks

I will get one tomorrow so that i can dump that old Video.

I can buy it here for a good price, they are 5 miles from me.


I tried buying from them but they wouldn’t let me so in the end I bought from SVP. Good little machine, I see what you mean by the blue light mate!!! Well bright!!!

SVP ship to Taiwan?

SCS+ Location : Taiwan???

Sumvision are a chinese company, I would imagine that their players would be available in Taiwan. I believe MT Distribution import them into the UK from China, and SVP get them from MT. :slight_smile:

I get loads of things from MT. They are Korean and they also have a place in Birmingham, they import from Taiwan/Korea.

I am living in UK is that ok with you mate? I have just come over to Taiwan for a holiday and business trip.