Sumvision SV-1000 problem playing some DVDs

Hi all,
Bought an SV-1000 from SVP a few weeks ago and I seem to have a problem playing some DVD’s. Polar Express and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are examples. I’m at work now otherwise I could repeat and describe the problem in more accurate detail, but it goes something like this:

  1. Begin playing DVD
  2. View the piracy warning video (the one that says you wouldn’t steal grannies handbag would you, so don’t copy DVD’s etc :cop: )
  3. SV-1000 ‘whirs and chunks’ and appears to hang without moving onto the menu.

I have so far been able to get to the menu, or the main title with a mixture of turning off/on (though unit is not very responsive and can take ages to turn off) and pressing the menu button and possibly the skip button. Very annoying and causes my 9 year old to remind me not to swear in front of children.

Appreciate any advice. Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :wink:

To me it seems like your DVD recorder either has a bad laser pickup or has a tracking (seeking) problem. :confused:

As your DVD recorder is only new, it looks like you may need to get it replaced, since the issue is unlikely to be caused by dust, etc. on the lens as typical of a DVD player which has played hundred’s of discs by that stage. On the other hand, if you do have a laser lens cleaner handy, there is no harm in giving it a try. :wink:

First, just ensure that there are no fingerprints, dirt, scratches, etc. on the discs. This may seem obvious, but I’ve been asked for help many times about playback issues where this was the case of the issue. Some DVD players are also more sensitive to scratches or a dirty surface also, since I seen cases where a disc would play on one player, but not another until it was cleaned.

Thanks Seán. Will try to clean it on the off-chance it will improve matters, otherwise it’s back to Sumvision :-<

Funny you should mention Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I’ve had exactly the same problem.

Got it to play in the end, but definately a problem