Sumvision n808 locking up!



i need some help with this one - I’v had a sumvision n808 for a couple of months now, and all of a sudden when playing some dvd’s it’s started to ask me for the parental lock code - there doesnt seem to be any criteria for which dvd’s it plays and which it asks for the code (seems random it plays some PG titles and not others, some 18 dvds but not others). I’ve not got any children so i’ve never switched the lock on, and i’ve lost the manual so i don’t know what the factory setting was - can anyone suggest anything or does someone have a manual handy they can get the number from?


You could leave a mail at The company itself.

Most of the time the operating system on the dvd players is general. Just go to the system setup of your dvd player and fiddle around in the settings.