Sumvision 1001 recording from Digivision


I am a fairly clueless owner of a digivision FV2000, which works fine as far as I can tell, and a Sumvision 1001, which is working great as a DVD player.
So far I have had no luck recording from the digivision to the sumvision, and I need to get some idea of whether I am doing something wrong or whether either unit is faulty.
Here’s what I’ve done so far;
I have connected the digivision (DG) to the Sumvision (SM) through the TV2 scart on the DG to the Scart of the SM. I started recording a copy of a film but noticed that the playback on my TV was very dodgy. The TV was flickering, like it often does when I have more than one unit on (I have a three-way scart socket to my TV). Sure enough, when I played back the recording it looked the same as it did when I was watching the TV. I took out the TV out from the Digivision, in case having both units plugged in was affecting the scart connection between the DG and the SM (which it shouldn’t, right?).
After that I tried another recording and this time, and every time since, the sound has recorded fine but no image.
I have tried changing from CVRB (I admit I don’t quite know what this is) and RGB but there is no difference, except that one gives slightly better sound.

I tried recording out from the TV scart socket of the DG but the sound was worse than from the TV2/VCR output, still no image.

The Sumvision manual is hilariously badly translated from, I guess Chinese or Korean, but I think I’ve explored every possible set-up.

This is a long thread, but I’m trying to be as detailed as possible because I only have another ten days before I have to return the unit.

I guess my queries are this:

  1. Am I being really dumb and is there a simple solution?
  2. Does it sound like one of the units is faulty,and in which case, which one?

If anyone can help at all, that would be so helpful, I feel completely lost, which is embarrasing considering I teach Video Production in college.

cheers, Adam