Summer's coming. Best CDR media for the car?

Of the three basic dye’s (Cyanine, PhthaloCyanine & Azo) can anyone tell me which is most resilient to being left in a hot car? They won’t be in direct sunlight, but I’m sure the heat will be there. I want to make some copies of music CD’s and want to know which have the best chance of surviving?

I use TY media mostly, but I do have some Verbatim AZO’s as well. I could go out and get some gold MAM-A media if it would matter.


Phtalocyanine. :slight_smile:

For this use I’d recommend some Maxell-branded Ritek discs, quite easy to find everywhere I think. Good price/quality ratio and fair resistance to rough conditions.

Though to be fair, I’ve never had a CDR failing after having been stored for two years in my car, this including the more “sensitive” Cyanine-based Taiyo Yudens… so it’s not a clear cut, but if you live in a hot climate, this could make a difference…

The only car failures I’ve heard about were with pthalocyanine disc’s.
However that person has RH 85% in his car I wonder how that’s possible.
In other words I think in the summer he might have a driving climate test room ! :wink:

Yes but did this guy have any disc that was not phtalocyanine-based…? Mmmmh? :wink: -

Ritek cdrs have always been the best for me. (dont confuse this with there dvd media, which i hate)

I guess the reason is that Phthalocyanine dyes are used by almost any manufacturer (including many “noob” or low quality manufacturers), and only experienced (or “special”) manufacturers who really know how to make quality discs like TY or MCC dare to use Cyanine or Azo.

I would think about using Verbatim Super Azo + Crystal discs, because I think their crystal surface could be more scratch resistant than some other brands surfaces are. CD-Rs are more sensitives to scratches on the label side than on the data side.

If the sun is the issue… are CD-RW less sensitive to radiation?

Which was more or less my point :wink:

Yes he did.
Verbatim Metal AZO (AZO )

OK then :slight_smile:

I have had discs in both mine and the wench’s car some for 5 years or more, all appear to still be working ok, the quality of some blanks being questionable!
I don’t bother with quality discs in the car due to the harsh environment and the possibility of damage/theft; they can be rerecorded any time.

cancel that :doh:

Personally, Prodisc/CMC made CD-Rs have faired the worse for storage in my car. There are discs less than 2 years old that are already flaking to say nothing about how easy they are to scratch. Probably the crappiest media I’ve seen for durability barring Princo DVD-RW.

I don’t much about the dye’s, but i find ritek cdrs hold up pretty good in my cd wallet jammed under the seat of my car.

After last summer all my MITSUI branded cd’s were totally unreadable, and they had turned a slight tinge of yellow on the top surface. However each and every Ritek cdr in the wallet remained its normal color and had no playback errors.

Ritek dvd’s aren’t good anymore, but their cdrs work great.