Summer and Spammers

I report these as I see them. I was wondering if there can be a validation part through the email that you must do before signing in? I was thinking ths would help eliminate some of these at least.

There is e-mail verification at signup…don’t know any method to make it more difficult…

Thanks for the info. I’ll just keep reporting as I see them.

Thanks for the help…the sooner we catch them, the less effective they are!

I just signed up, but i know that some forums (ISOnews i think) make it so that you have to wait a certain # of days before you can post. That might also help. Theirs is 5 days, though that seems like a lot. perhaps make it 3 days, and people can only post in the Newbie Forum?

They sound like interesting ideas…I’d feel sorry for the mods of the Newbie Forum with all the spam, though :bigsmile:

Many users (most users?) come to technical forums because they have a problem and need help. So they sign up, post their questions and if they like the forum, they become regular members.

If we prevent people from posting on the same day they sign up at CD Freaks, we are going to lose a lot of potential users who will go elsewhere for help.

In my opinion the cure would be worse than the disease!

Yeah, while it might be handy, I don’t think if I had a problem I’d like waiting too much for help.

The Newbie Forum only thing sounds interesting, though…but I’d worry that maybe the other forums would get quieter as result of that…not sure.

This would be a good ideal to look into. Might look into this. There are some great members here and if the spam gets too much there are a few people that might want the job. I work from home on another forum and I do nothing but sit at the PC. I’d be willing to be a mod just in the newbie forum.