Summer 2005 16x DVDR Roundup @ Anandtech



The benq dw1640 beats the competition


it sucked in those tests. anyone know why? would liggydee’s firmware make it suck less?


It’s a review made by people used to doing CPU/GPU/Memory tests and it’s painfully obvious in many places that they didn’t really understand what they were doing with optical drives. I wouldn’t place so much faith in that review. :rolleyes:

A review of this review can be found here:

Edit: I’ve moved these threads to the general forum and merged them. In the future, one thread will suffice. Also, LOL @ alexnoe’s “won’t make a review suck any less” … though this is better than their past reviews (which isn’t saying much).


would liggydee’s firmware make it suck less?
Changing a firmware won’t make a review suck any less.

I’ve finished my tests with the NEC 3540A yesterday, now the review only needs to be put online (will be on ), and I can say, i’ve seen drives costing twice as much sucking twice as much :wink:


CD Freaks review found the NEC ND-3540A drive performed rather well.


Funny… my NEC 3540A could record a Ricoh DVD+R DL disc. The write quality was evil, but at least it was readable, and I didn’t get finalization errors O_o (LG, Plextor and Pioneer A09 are better for Ricoh DL media)


Same here… No major problems with RICOH or RITEK DL media on my 3540A…


I wonder how much that Samsung ad costs. At least, Anandtech has more powerful servers and their reviews look prettier. But I still think even Tom’s Hardware Guide is better at optical drive reviews.


My personal impression over the years is that Anandtech’s appeals to a slightly more technical crowd (they have better and somewhat more accurate technical info) and THG seems to appeal to a slightly more to the d00d-this-case-mod-makes-me-so-l337 crowd. I haven’t read THG in a while, but the last time they did a DVD review, they tested only speed and never even made mention of PI/PIF (to be fair, the last time Anandtech did a review, they also did the same thing, but at least I don’t feel that they were worse off than THG). But note my use of the word “slightly”… in the bigger picture, I guess they’re not that different from each other.


Yeah and Anandtech makes PIE/PIF Tests, but can’t read them, so where is the difference…


It’s the thought that counts? :stuck_out_tongue: They did attach scans to their review in zips; I didn’t really look at them very closely, though.


I’ve only seen PIE Tests - PIF is lacking at all.


Oops :stuck_out_tongue:


But THG seemed a little cautious at least to make “conclusions” based on few tests alone, but my main point was that Anandtech at optical drive reviews has been that bad. :slight_smile:

It seemed Anandtech added PIE/PIF (whether one of them or both) tests because some Anandtech forum and CDFreaks forum users mentioned it. THG community probably still doesn’t have such a feedback system (and I was often the only person at THG community who posted about optical drives.)

Anandtech isn’t that careless when they review dual-core processors and latest Nvidia GPUs. Which reminds me… gotta soon get a dual-core 820 to heat water using this water cooler. :slight_smile: (I actually used the heated water to add into the washing machine.)


I don’t think either site does a really good job testing drives. They are much stronger at processors, graphics cards, or hard drives. Anandtech is getting better in that they haven’t previously posted any quality scans. Than again, Tom’s Hardware, PC Mag, PC World, and Maximum PC don’t EVER post any quality scans, or in many cases even see if disc produced plays in anything. As we all know, quality scanning is a lot of extra work when doing a review, but the only way to really see what the drive is doing. Who cares which drive is 10 seconds faster in a write in the end, if the disc is a coaster?