Summary of external enclousure chipset?


After readying the big external enclousure thread, I still can’t figure out which chipsets to use. Maybe a summary of which chipsets, ranked in order (from good to bad) and maybe which brand uses which chipset.

Here’s my list (no order yet):

  1. GL811E-04 (USB2, used by Hotway products)
    I’m currently using this chipset but getting only 15Mb/s read test.
    Something is wrong. Do I need 16x media or pressed DVD?

  2. PL3507 (FW+USB2 combo)
    Plumax? Can’t find them in Singapore or any PL3507 cases.

  3. ALi ? (USB2)
    Found the Starking TT-345 Series

  4. Cypress AT2/AT2+ (USB2)
    Found it in Sarotech.

BTW, what’s the best way to do a transfer test (read & write)?
16x media or pressed DVD media like DVD movie?

Thanks for the help.

The PL3507 (Prolific) chipset seems to give the most consistent desirable results with optical drives…

Hi :slight_smile:
With your current caddie + 1640 you want to use f/w BEFB/BEGB. This f/w is primarily for the BenQ 164B external drive. Use BQFlasher to crossflash. Click on BQFlasher in my sig to take you to home page. You’ll need to copy aspi .dll to same folder. BEFB/BEGB here.
For aspi driver, go here.

I managed to buy the last PL3507C enclosure from a shop in Singapore for SGD80.

Ok, flashed the my DW1640 to BEFB then to BEGB.
Testing now.

  1. USB2 via PCI card (nec chip)
    USB2 burst read was 15Mb/s. After I flashed it to the latest fw, it’s 16Mb/s.
    I can write CD & DVD with it.

  2. Firewire (thru SB Audigy 1)
    Firewire burst read is 23MB/s. But I can’t write CD/DVD.

I bought a ALi M5271 combo PCI card and now I can write CD & DVD using the Firewire connection with my DW1640.

I tired the Starking TT-345 combo series (ALi & Oxford 911) but the caddie didn’t like my Asus DVD-ROM, so I managed to change it to HI-Speed model CD-R4-U2FW. It’s a PL3507 combo caddie (but with rev A) for my notebook.
I have no problem writing CD & DVD with my BenQ DW822A.

Hi-speed / Zynet polar series caddie: