Sum up the media that`s best for Pioneer 110D

ive seen alot of scans etc, but that dosen`t tell me very much. So I wonder if any of those with experince in good dvd-r media for this burner, could post.

Visit for more info.

you don`t have to post, just to post =)
I was wondering if anyone here could give me their thougts aswell

IMHO, the best media for the 110 (and others as well) is Taiyo Yuden TYG02. Excellent results at up to 12X with the inexpensive “value” line available on-line.

The only 2 media i chuck in my Pioneer (110D > TDB A10XL 8.37)


TYG02 burnt at 4X
MCC03RG20 burnt at 8X

Take Pioneers advise and use Vebratium, thats how it can without mods burn their 2.4x DL+ media at 8x and same goes for the rest of the range, i seem to be only seeing Vebratium doing dvd+rw 8x also.

You could use SEARCH before asking questions already asked and answered before.

Hi Stian12

You could try reading this PDF at speedlabs

you could also have found it by using a search program


Bernie Vink

TYG02 -R 8X
YUDEN000T02 +R 8X

fantastic results.

TYG02 inkjet printable -R for single layer & verbatim DL inkjet printable media for my double layer jobs. Never a coaster & never had a problem playing the burnt disc in any DVD player.