Suitable write strategy for TDK 003-00+Rs on LDW-811S

I have a LiteOn LDW-811S DVDRW with the latest firmware revision HS0R flashed onto it but it does not support most of the new (usually 16x) discs around these days! :a

I’ve been buying Sony D21 discs in Asda for 30p each :slight_smile: (on a 50 spindle) but could only burn them at 2.4x which was extremely tedious! :frowning:

Recently, I successfully reassigned the SONY D11 write strategy to a “spare” MID I’d renamed as SONY D21 using Omipatcher thus allowing me to burn my SONY D21 discs at 8x on my LDW 811S burner using the D11 write strategy.

However, a friend has now bought a spindle of TDK 003-00+R discs and asked me to copy several DVDs for him but, of course, the old HS0R firmware will only burn them at 2.4x; a major pain! :sad:

Unfortunately, the only TDK MID in the stock firmware (TDK 001-00+R) only offers 2.4x & 4x speeds :a

Can anyone suggest an alternative MID in the HS0R stock firmware that I could use for these discs that would get the burning speed up to 8x? :slight_smile: :bow: :slight_smile:

Both these TDK and the Sony discs are 16x but I don’t suppose my old 811S will cope with that speed even though Nero’s Info Tool says that the Read and the Write speed of the drive are both 40x! :rolleyes:

Be grateful for any help anyone can offer, Thanks.

DVD burners with more than 20x write speed and more than 16x read speed do not exist outside of labs.
So 40x is the write and read speed for CDs.

I’m sure you’re quite correct, I was just quoting what Info Tool appeared to show (It doesn’t make it clear that it’s only referring to CDs :D)

Not fussed anyway, if I can get 8x with these discs I’ll be quite happy! :wink:

can you share the results of your investigations with Sony D21? Did you manage to obtain good result with D11 startegy on LiteOn811?

The only substitution for TDK 003 that I have tried is to use the TDK 002 strategy instead in my Pioneer DVR-111L, and that didn’t work particularly well - the PIE increased by a factor of 2-3x and there were clumps of PIF.

The reason I tried this is long and complicated so I won’t bother explaining it here.

If noone has a good suggestion, you could try some of the 8x supported media strategies, but it will cost you one disc for every unsuccessful attempt.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Highlander009, I think both OmniPatcher and MCSE will give you enough variables to play with… :slight_smile:
To start with, have a look at OmniPatcher thread.
BTW, just adding a pic of relevant parts in OmniPatcher.

The bad thing is that TDK003 are crappy discs. I would substitute the strategy for any good quality 8x +R disc for TDK003. You can try CMC MAG E01, or TY T02, MCC003. Can you do quality scanning? It would be valuable to scan each disc after you change the strategy for it.

I’d definitely agree that trial & error would be the way to go here, but obviously this may take some sacrificial discs to get the best results.

In the short term since you’re just copying a few discs for a friend, might be best just to see how 2.4x works with the default strategy.

[I]Drives[/I] generic write strategy is used when MID missing in firmware… :wink:

I’d be happy to share my “results” but what can I say? I have no real expertise in this field.

Starting with the stock firmware I renamed the first MID in it (BeAll000-P40-00+R) to SONY D21-00+R (adding 6x & 8x speeds to its profile). I then Reassigned the SONY D11-00+R write strategy to it and, applying the recommende tweaks, I saved the patched firmware.exe and then ran it to update my drive’s firmware.

After a re-boot the D21 discs now had 8x burning speed available and I have burned several DVDs at that speed all of which played back perfectly in my DVR.

I’m afraid I just don’t know whether burning these discs at 8x has produced any “better results” that the ones I was burning at the default 2.4x previously.

I installed KProbe 2 and ran it on the last DVD I burned (the movie Titanic) and I have attached the KProbe results for your perusal.

I have no idea whether these indicate a good, bad or indifferent result as I don’t have a clue what they mean but perhaps you (or anyone else who’d care to) would comment on them. I’d certainly be interested to know what they do mean.

Despite reading through a lot of stuff on the KProbe proggy in this forum, I haven’t come across any simple guide to interpreting its output.

Hope that helps?

Results.doc (29 KB)

Many thanks to everyone else who’s replied for your contributions. It seem however that there is no definitive answer to selecting an appropriate write strategy for a disk like this?

My own thoughts on the matter are that first one would have to understand exactly what a write strategy is (comprises). I take it there’s more to it than just a name and a range of burning speeds. I would expect it defines (several?) other parameters used in the burning process (laser intensity or variations in disc speed throughout the process?). Then one would need to know what values for these parameters were used in each strategy. Is there any way to find this information?

If anyone can post a link to a thread(s) that explain(s) this kind of detail that would be very useful.

Finally, one would need to establish what values were best used for each different disc type and I imagine that only the manufacturers would be in a position to publish that kind of data but do they?

Adopting a trial and error approach to finding the “best” strategy for an unsupported disc seems far too time consuming for me :disagree: . I just don’t have the time (never mind the inclination) to be trying a whole list of different strategies (especially when I’m not even sure how to compare one result with another :rolleyes: ) so I may have a go with cd_pirate’s suggestions and see if I can just find one that “works”. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Thanks for your help & advice guys.

Why can I no longer “Edit” my posts? :confused:

You are given only 29 minutes for editing posts after that only moderators can edit posts :slight_smile:

Thanks Highlander009 for your SonyD21 results. I had 411 crosflashed to 811, and the main reason for exchange it to newer drive was lack of strategies for 16x media. I did not manage to obtain good quality, however I didn’t try with D21.
From my expirience with 411/811 drive, you should scan with speed x1 (in general there is opinion that 411/811 is not a good scanner).
Good enough quality when PIF max<4 and PImax<208, but typically PImax<50, PIFtotal<1000, PItotal<100000. Transfer rate should be smooth.

Don’t believe in everything tools like Info[B]F[/B]ool [sorry, couldn’t resist :bigsmile: ] telling you. They just read all info out of the firmware and showing it to you, but the firmware is created by the manufacturer…

I don’t agree with scanning @ 1x, it simply takes way too long. Scanning @ max speed is ok, but the errors will appear higher on most discs. It really does not matter which speed you select as long as you do the same for the next disc you scan, as it’s hard to compare two scans that are done at different speeds.

Most people here would recommend 4x scanning. I say any speed goes but since your drive is such an oldie, perhaps it would be best for now to stick with 4x scanning and see what results come up. The scan you posted looks pretty ugly, even if done at max speed. Try scanning @ 4x, but if the results still look just as bad, I wouldn’t burn with that strategy again.

I have an 811 and I only use it on my old media I still have left over. That drive is the reason I bought a benq 1655 last time. I don’t ever want to buy a drive that can not adapt to new media again. Its why I’m considering the new lite-on drives. But I still question if it does a good job on even current media. I miss benq. Does it show?