Hey all,

     I am very new at this stuff, and want to learn the best way to back up my DVD's! WHich is the best and easiest software to use to accomplish this task.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.



hello and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Well, perhaps you could tell us what you’ve learnt so far by browsing and searching the forum. Maybe you only wish to backup up the main movie or perhaps you want to do the whole DVD. Maybe you’re just interested in Karaoke on DVD, or is it DVD Audio? Does your region use flippers? Are the movies split over two discs? Or are they dual layer. Are they CSS protected? DVD plus or dash R formats. Playing in a PC DVD-ROM or a set-top? Any issues with compatibility for set-tops?

What do you to achieve besides best and easiest which is a matter of opinion anyway?


In my opinion, DVD Shrink 3.0 beta is the easiest and gives good quality. It’s also free.

I personally use Instantcopy 7, which is more difficult to use, but gives the best quality picture.


All I am trying to do is copy Movies right now. I would like to copy the whole DVD as it is.

     I am learning as I go right now. I think this site is a great asset to DVD stupid people like myself. I do need to be helped and am greatful for any and all assistance.

     I have a NEC 1300 DVD /RW +-. SO I can do all from what I can understand. You mentioned about the types od DVD'd dual layer etc, well I actually have no idea on what that really means, right now that is. I will be reading more once I have more time to get my S&*T together.

     Thanks again, and any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.