Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

Outher drives do it on the fly.

as far as the DQ60 goes, make one that actually works


For those of us who are not intimately firmilar with very many DVD burners… which other burners do this sort of thing (speed changes due to media quality issues) on the fly?

Well - i had it happen on a Liteon 1653s (yes I said it’s not really possible) and when it did it basically coastered … most z-clv burners that I have used have a large jitter jump point where the speed switch is - hence i don’t like it because I have had those regions degrade faster than the others or have higher error and some standalones skipping.

Please make a better firmware flasher. One that realy restarts the computer after the flash everytime.

DW1640 BSOB has burn issues with Dataware branded DVD-R 8x media using the TYG02 code. I set the burn speed to 8x, but it burned at 2.4x in 27:07 with very elevated PIE and jitter rates. PIF rates are similar to burns on current DVR-109 / DVR-110D firmwares, but my LG 4167B DL12 has about 6 times less PIF’s and jitter is around 10% on both the LG and the DVR-110D 1.37. Even an SH-W162C TS10 burned with a quality score of 95 on these discs, despite a horrible PIE rate > 300 and average jitter of 13%. My other four test discs took around 8 minutes at 8x on the other burners.

I have seen issues like this with the DW1620 and Osidisk DVD-R 8x TYG02 code discs, albeit with worse results. I have attached results from a 4167B DL12 which has given the best results in all significant categories, to show the capabilities of the media involved.

It looks like we are dealing with FAKE Yuden media.

Sorry, but I have hard to believe BenQ (or any other DVDRW manufacturer) can do much about it.
Have you tried real Yuden -R media?

Edit. I have just seen your own post on this subject here … “Drives also do this when you use non-TY media which is faking the TY code.”

I wouldn’t class this as fake TY as it isn’t claimed to be in the way it is sold, similar to the Osidisk and Optodisc media I have seen using the code. I believe the manufacturers claim they do it for full burn speed support, but I would hope their media is engineered to require a similar burn strategy to real TYG02 and not dependent on the ability of drives to adapt to them with OPC technologies etc. My BenQ’s seem to be relatively bad at adapting to these types of media despite their WOPC, much worse than any of my other drives which you can see in my sig are quite a few.

I am an IT consultant and I rarely burn legitimate data to my media–virtually all of my burning is CD-Speed diagnostic discs. I do own real TYG02 media and my interest is not really in buying perfect media and posting “hall of fame” burns but in helping drive mfg’s to fully optimize their products with good technical feedback.

I have found these forums more useful than contacting technical support directly as it provides incentive due to the public exposure of these flaws, and an “audit trail” to recognize their responsiveness to well-tested, repeatable lab scenarios. I usually provide comparative burn data to show the kind of results they should be able to achieve, so the results aren’t ignored and they have an idea what “world class” results for the batch of media in question can be defined as. To top it off, it educates the public as to scenarios which should be avoided and keeps the review gurus in here on top of how these mfg’s are responding to pinpointed bug data which is essentially being handed to them on a silver platter for fast resolution.

Why don’t you try enabling solidburn for known media, that would improve writing on fakes.

You can in QSuite -> Solidburn Tab - and select Enable for Known Media.

Want BenQ 1620 to support DVD+RW 8X RicohJPNW21 @ 4X.

The BenQ 1620 B7W9 cannot erase such discs and cannot burn @4X on it.

I checked and I did have solidburn enabled for known media, though I burned both real TYG02 and others using the TYG02 code on that drive. So at this point I don’t know what media it’s learned or whether it is confused now. I have burned Fuji, Osidisk, Optodisc and now Dataware media with TYG02 codes on it. All produced good results and quality scores of 97 at normal speeds except the Dataware media. As expected the real TYG02 produced a qs of 97 while burning at 12x and with only 130 total PIF, while the others burned at 8x with PIF totals between 1k-4k.

Looks like this media code (Memorex branded) could use some serious work on the DW1655 BCAB. The same media was burned on my 4163B A106 with excellent results.

quiet drive mode like A09XL from pioneer would be nice.

running fast when it is needed otherwise running slowly; user switchable would be even nicer :wink:

Not a big thing but I would like to see writing at high speed cd-rw media at 12x.

Well, this is an improvement over BCAB but still burns with POF’s on DW1655 BCDB. Media is the same Philips branded discs that I posted results from earlier (same spindle). It took 6 secs longer this time though I would be happy to wait longer for a proper burn :wink: These discs burn with less than 500 total PIF and a quality score of 98 on my SH-W162C TS10.

BenQ: Please work with Nero (CD-DVD-Speed) to fix the read bug introduced with the New 1640 and 1655 Firmwares. Both drives are showing inaccurate (False) jitter spikes when the drive restarts scanning. Example :
One of my main reasons for buying BenQ drives is their ability to perform these scans accurately.

PIF levels are excessive on this Fuji branded media with DW1655 BCDB compared to my 4167B DL12 and DVR-110D 1.37. Burn speed is better, but those drives burned this media with 200-300 total PIFs, albeit at 12x. Considering the PIF rates at the beginning of this media, the difference in max burn speed is not the primary issue.

Please make some firmware that uses UDMA 4 for internal drives. At least update the current firmwares to UDMA 4.

Benq, you should be ashamed on this one…your own media, and this burns fine on my DW1640 and DW1655’s…


I’m sure that is a limitation of the hardware chipset and not a firmware implementation choice.