Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

BenQ 1620 - improve RICOHJPND00 (DL) support - I recently upgraded the F/W to B7W9 and still have yet to burn a disk successfully.

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I just pickup up my third BenQ, this one a DW1640. Started running some media tests, and I have found that I get very high PIF rates on Ricoh R03 media (Memorex in this case). My result is the worst I’ve had PIF-wise of 13 test discs. PIE rate is very good though. I tested this media type as the PIF rate was pretty marginal on my DW1620’s as well. Nice burn speed at 5:44 though, and jitter almost matches the DW1620 B7W9, which was the lowest of all my tests.

Yowsa what was I smoking when I wrote those first three words…

Results aren’t very good on Verbatim 24x CD-RW either, jitter is higher than burning Verbatim 32x CD-RW and C1 rates are over 3 times as high. C1 spikes were so high that the quality score was 0. Needs some attention there guys…my DVR-110D burned the same disc after with 1/10 the C1 rate and 5% lower jitter.

support for UDMA-4 in BenQ 1640, I know it can do UDMA-4 then why are u limiting it :slight_smile:

Try another disc. Here’s a Verbatim 24x CDRW burned @24x on the 1640, having previously been burned on a Plextor PX712a dozens of times. Not too bad for CDR, never mind CDRW.

It almost seems like the drive is “learning” this disc, check out my 3 successive full erases and burns of the media. The fourth one is a full erase and burn of the same disc on an LG 8525B 1.05 that I did earlier today. Obviously the DW1640 is not doing a very good job of burning this disc to what it is capable of.

Same disc full erased and burned on my 8527B 1.02. Wow, what a great CDRW burn…definitely nothing wrong with the media. It’s actually the lowest C1 rate on any Nero data disc I have ever tested, including CD-R’s (> 200 CD results in my logs).

I meant to add later that there’s such a variance between burners that I honestly don’t know which one to believe anymore. When a 1640-burned disc is scanned (with PXScan/Plextools) in my Plextor PX712a, the results are quite different than the scan above. Good, but not as good as above. Yet, when I burn this disc in my Plex the 1640 shows horrible scans in CDSpeed while the Plex shows it to be a pretty good burn.

I’m not sure if I trust the 1640/CDSpeed combo with scanning CDs. I have a CDR with known “slow” sectors; every app (including file copying in Win Explorer) slows right down when reading the files in the affected area. Yet the scan on the 1640 looks perfect, and there’s not even any dips in the Read Transfer test. The Plex, OTOH, correctly shows C2 spikes in that area and a slight dip in the read transfer graph.

I’m guessing that the difference is that the CDSpeed/1640 “samples” the disc whereas the Plextor reads everything on it. That would certainly explain how & why the C1 scan takes a significantly shorter time than CDSpeed’s “scandisc” function (which, BTW, shows yellow for the aforementioned “slow” areas on that disc). It would also explain what crossg has noticed in DVD scanning: take the disc out, put it back in, re-scan. and you get better (or worse) QS scores.

This suggestion is for both BenQ 1640 and Prolific engineers. Please make these two compatible so that a wonderful drive can be used in the best possible enclosure :bow:

Include an option to turn off WOPC. Either a command line option in Qsuite or something in the firmware.

I assume you mean switching WOPC off permanently? You can already switch it off temporarily you know…

How about updating the help file in Qsuite that explains Solid Burn and OverSpeed tabbed functions.Your help file makes no mention that they even exist.

It would be nice to know how to use these features from BenQ’s point of view instead of having to search the Internet to find out how to use them.

I submitted a request to your tech support department for a FAQ or instructions and they asked me to call the 800 telephone for information.

Even your latest version 2.1 does not have any information in the help file

Solve the problem with CD-RW for both BenQ 1620 & 1640!!!

Please fix QSuite 2.1, with the bug that causes it to lock up during a FE/TE QScan when “Overspeed” is selected and a DVD+R media is inserted to test at either 12x or 16x. See here for details.

See next post (here) for additional details. The FE/TE testing at 8x (no overspeed) is also freezing on me on QSuite 2.1 :eek: :Z

I don’t know if this has been covered yet or not.
Engineers please look into the 16x burn issue with Benq drives within some setups. For a lot of us our drives, 1620 and 1640 will not reach 16x with any media used. My 1640 was only able to finally reach above 13x after using the external version of its firmware. Most likely because of the mode 4.

Consider giving the user a BenQ 1640 overspeed firmware (non Solidurn/Overspeed), like the BenQ 1620 Firmware (for good media like YUDEN000 T01,T02, MCC 003 MCC 02RG20,TYG01 and TYG02 ect.) Give the end user a choice to use either a FW with Solid burn/Overspeed or a Overspeed stock FW without Solidburn/Overspeed.

  • Enable/Disable SB and/or WOPC on a per media code base.

  • Support UDMA3/4 in fw for internal drives, so they would work better in external cases…

  • Why not having unified fw for internal/external versions? It is pain for Philips to maintain two separate forks while it is pain for us to cross flash…

Have a native English speaker vet/produce English language documentation, and any use of English on screen forms in Qsuite. The existing translated versions are of low quality.