Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

I’m guessing you want Verbatim DVD+R DL discs which are the best quality, the Traxdata DVD+R DL are based on a Ritek dye which are of poor quality and you are probably wasting your money buying those Traxdata discs.

My first DVD DL +R burn DVD decrypter at 2,4X have a write error interpretation and there is a MKM wich a PS2 game with PS2 toxic patched *.mds to load *.iso
I want use other disc the problems is what are very expensive Verbatim 9€ or more, Traxdata 7€ , TDK 12€ ¿where do yo buy ritek?

I think you just did and as you fopund out Ritek DL suck.

what ID have DVD DL +R ridisc?

RiDisc also use the poor quality Ritek dye, if you want a good quality DVD+R DL then your gonna have to get the Verbatim DVD+R DL which uses the good MKM dye.

For BenQ

  • Add more CD-R media support
  • Increase “Unknown” CD-R write speed 16X to 32/40X

I have many CD-R. My CD-RW drive can write it maximun speed. But BenQ 1620 pro can write it only under 16X. Most populer media(like Taiyo-Yuden, Fusion, Vervaterm, etc.) can write 40X…

At present, most of CD-R can support 52X…


For my BenQ 1620 : a short wish list…

  • As already said, BenQ shall improve RICOHJPND00 (DL) support.
  • Burning quality on MKMA02 (DVD+RW 4X) could improve too (less PI).

What else ? BenQ 1620 doing free coffee for everyone is possible ?

Fix PIF spiking at 16x when writing on DVD+R discs! =)
Auto enabled fast lead-out… like in BenQ 1640.

just better quality for more media.

  • Add support for overburning DVD+R discs for all BenQ and Philips drives
  • Fix scanning dropouts at all speeds and discs for all BenQ and Philips drives

For me, please find a way to make DC-Erasing on this drive possible (like in the case of NuTech drives)

Please Unlock 1625 Write Speeds. Mine wont Write 16X on any Media.

Adding my vote for overburn and overspeeding (Especially of the 1640) if possible.

Overspeeding is coming for DW1640, but the beta firmware I have is mostly usable for making overspeed coasters :frowning:

@OC , You made me Snort My Coke. Just think about how fast you could make a coaster. Hahahah!

LOL! - dats a good one … :stuck_out_tongue: … seems like i’m having good results with BSJB+MSCE tweaking some media, but if the Qscan tells me it’s bad, it’s really bad.

1ECC PIF scanning.

Would be nice if Q-Suite told us what media was supported and what wasn’t. Also, would be nice if Q-Suite incorporated a CD-Speed like PI/PIF/PO/Jitter graph scan module since theres already a QScan one, might as well put it in all one place.

Loving solidburn - I believe it is a very useful firmware tool, gives you the edge over the others. It’s also working good as an enthusiast’s tool … the only company to allow home users the choice of burn speeds for overspeeding, and few coasters as the drive is intellegent enough not to let anything impossible happen. Congrats for this value adding tool!

Do Benq people even read this?

I don’t know… they haven’t added or fixed anything I suggested yet. =P