Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers


Yes, v1.68 supports 8x media but Philips has not released this version. Their latest version is v1.64 which only supports 4x media properly.
Ricoh has even released a v1.72 for their MP5125A drive recently but I do not want to reflash my drive with the Ricoh version.

Make a slim drive for notebook like the NEC 6500. Better yet, one type for removable bay (easily swappable), the other just like the plain old modular type (requires removing the screw) like the NEC 6500.

It does not have to be 16X. 8X ±R SL &4X DL speed is fine with me. :slight_smile:

Blu-Ray &HD DVD dual format blue laser burner mid 2005!!! :bow:

Off topic, if you are an external enclosure manufacturer, I challenge you to make an external enclosure for notebook slim CD/DVD burner like the NEC 6500.

To all DVD burner makers, autobooktype SL &DL DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Well, you know why Pioneer A08 is not selling.

For BenQ: Make two branches of firmware (don´t know how Philips handles this):

  • one “conservative” where only fine tuning is done, to try to get the best writing quality
  • one “progressive” where higher speeds, overburning, burning with higher than rated speeds are supported.

Sometimes it seems as if B7T9 is the experimental and B7P9 the stable release. If it is - just tell the user and let him decides himself. There is not really much information about T9 as opposed to P9/M9 which come with very nice version information.

Regards, Lutz

BenQ DW1620 needs improvement in reading -R media recorded on other
burners than this drive itself.
The problem is a proper recognition of recorded disk capacity.

Check it here:

European BenQ: Get new firmwares out quicker (still G/P7M9 !)
BenQ in general: Dont treat bulk/OEM owners as 2nd class, e.g. release T9 for bulk as well as for retail.

Today, Philips has put the 1.72 upgrade for the DVDRW228 on their website:

Just take a look at the Philips manual for the 1640 (take care: almost 6 MB pdf):

I hope they’ll improve the Benq 1620’s ability to read poor quality media. I have about 20 discs to backup but the benq can’t read them. They play pretty well on standalones and my laptop.

If I want to attach the BenQ 1620 drive to external USB box, shall I
upgrade the firmware to the one used in EW162i to get a better

I love the dvd burning abilities, but the CD read/write abilities lag… Some original game CD’s won’t play in this drive, let alone quality copies. Make the CD to where it will read/write better quality CD burns…

offer all benQ 1620 owners a 50% rebate on the next generation BenQ drives!

provide OEM/bulk drives official update to Retail firmwares. What’s the point of having 2 different firmwares?

Just a FYI for all you folks on QSuite…

I have a BenQ 1620 installed in an external case running B7U9…

USB2 = All functions within QSuite’s works correctly.
1394a = QScan DOES NOT work, all other functions A-OK.

Put 6 speed burn in to -r discs that are rated at 8
Can’t burn Princo -r 4 speed discs without disabling WOPC have no problem with these discs in Pioneer 107-109 and sony Dru510A

philips PBDV-1640P B 3.0 can upgrade with the patch oficcial?

In this case, what´s best firmware to this Writer?

Can write DVD +R DL PS2 patched with toxic patch and burn good with this writer or wait at firmware DVD DL -R to this writers?

thank you

Please release a firmware that will help my BenQ burn just one of my discs better than my other drives. :iagree:

How about just “please release firmware” ? Philips haven’t release firmware for over three months, and that was the 3.4 that breaks on Nforce boards. Whenever you ask about it, they either ignore you or say “soon” without telling you when that might be.

Philips drives are basically unsupported as far as I can tell, because BenQ have released several firmwares in this time to fix these bugs but Philips haven’t bothered. I won’t be buying another Philips drive and I won’t be recommending them to others for this reason alone - no support.

Philips were good back in the day, but that day is long gone. They should stick to designing chipsets and leave the retailing to others like Benq. Speaking of Benq, their release of QSuite couldn’t have come at a better time. WOPC was driving me mad. They should now find a way to disable it permanently.

philips PBDV-1640P 3.0 can burn with this firmware DVD +R DL Traxdata?
¿What is the best disc DL +R to this writers?