Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

ÃŽ think they could really build up their reputation by not ‘giving up’ older drives, e.g. the DW822A+. Many users feel that the DL <-> DVD-R switch tools is not what they expected and I think making the DW822A+ at least QScan compatible would be a nice way of apologizing for the screw-up :wink:

On the less ‘technical’ side - a REAL manual would be nice.


Benq DW1620 (B7P9)
Imation 4x dvd-r …burn fail :sad:

-can benq improve read/write dvd-r ?

** INFO : Format 0Eh - Pre-Recorded Information In Lead-In
0000 : 01 40 c1 fd 9e d8 52 00  02 85 0e 15 98 9a 90 00   .@....R.........
0010 : 03 43 4d 43 20 4d 41 00  04 47 2e 20 41 46 31 00   .CMC MA..G. AF1.
0020 : 05 cc c0 00 00 00 01 00  06 0b 11 11 87 78 80 00   .............x..

Allowing me to burn 4x & 8x DVD+Rs at 2.4X speed instead of limiting the minimum burn speed to 4x would be nice .

Well in the BTC forum we had Marco from BTC. I don’t know if he’s still around, but when he was he was always very helpfull. :iagree:

Yes and this should be commended, along with the Nero SDK guys in their forum. We should all encourage technical support staff to at least come and surf and lurk in the forum if they are allowed internet access. We must however remember that their management might frown upon a visable presence in the forum.

So if you are on the phone with them, let them know which forums you think they should be reading. There is nothing quite like direct customer feedback to get the pointy haired bosses thinking. Even if you don’t have a problem with your drive, or are wildly happy with it, be sure to communicate that to the sales and marketing staff and tell them which forums and reviews you find the most credible.

Brother Vlad

Agree with two previous posters: lead in/leadout timings could be optimised.

Also would appreciate QScan support for EW1621 - & the 822A

Two biggies for me, in this order:

  1. C2 error checking - yes, this one is HUGE!!!
  2. 8 MB cache.

I really don’t care about 8 mb cahe as long as 2 does the trick

I wish Qscan remembers my drive, so I do not have to select it every time I use Qscan.
Also I think the lead in/out should go faster!

Making your BenQ master will solve the selecting problem in Qscan. Did on mine.

Not if you have several drives (mine is secondary master).

Mines sec mas and never had to select it. When it was sec slave i did.

you only have to change the drive letters to work. Put your benq first (in controlpannel/admin tools)

produce a firmware that can write FUJIFILM03 8x dye type
P/S/T firmwares just fail at leadin, and this is a very common disk in the UK.

my NEC2500a and Liteon 811s have to problems writing to this media.


The DW1620 is really a great drive, but has some problems with new RICOHJPND00 DL media. See here:

The new LG Burner burns them at 4x with better quality:


Interestingly enough I have 0 quality issues on the -R side of burning with this drive.

In fact most of my scans come out at either similar or better quality than the +R scans I see in this forum

Thats using the cheap Teon 8x Media Overspeeding at 12x. Its read as CMC Mag. AE1.

QScan is a great program, works well and is a valuable utility. Being the first version, there are some things that should be corrected or tweaked:

  1. The Blank Disc Capacity is wrong. 4.7 GB (decimal) discs with a binary capacity of 4.38 GB are listed as containing 4,076 MB. This is a bug in the program.

  2. Another bug. When the graph is saved, the Save As dialog pops up in the center of the graph. If the graph is saved with the Save As dialog in that position, anything on the graph covered by the Save As dialog will be blanked out on the saved file. It is now necessary as a workaround to move the QScan graph to the edge of the screen before a file is saved. The Save As dialog must then be moved to the other end of the screen from the QScan graph to keep it from blocking the results when the file is saved.

  3. QScan graph results are saved in the wasteful bitmap (.BMP) format, resulting in files sizes of 1.23 MB for one graph. A compressed .JPG file is only about 67 KB. To change to this efficient format, saved files must be converted manually from .BMP to .JPG. The program should save the files to a compressed format such as .JPG or .PNG automatically.

In spite of these quibbles, I am very pleased with the QScan program. :slight_smile:

Better firmware support for the DVDRW228K.

I mean the latest firmware version is of December 2003 and does not support x8 media which will be main-stream in a short time.
Ricoh (manufacturer of the drives internal stuff) has already released newer firmware versions to support x8 medias.
I really do not understand why Philips is not upgrading their firmware of older drives.

Mailing Philips Customer Support Centre also does not help.


Is there none that supports 8x media? 1.68 seems to support it.