Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

Benq Germany site works for me


Are Benq thinking of venturing into the 18xDVD-+R world as the plextor and the samsung have. Both drives can produce very good backups @ full speed and i feel they have hit on a tecnology that is superior in its writing quality (at high speeds). I would look at the plextor more as its the better drive but the samsung is the fastest. :clap:

Just an idea. :iagree: :eek:

This question would maybe be better adressed to Philips… :slight_smile:
And if we are looking at general trend in market, (I have Blue-Ray drives in mind), then the SL+R/-R burn speeds are even going to be lower in future… :frowning:

Whoever is responsible for developing “BenQ” drives, (with Philips chipset) would better be spending the time to improve 16x write strategies even more.

BTW, I’m quite happy with my BenQ’s burning at 16x in sub 5:30… :bigsmile:

Hi pinto2, I dont think the blu ray/HD DVD will hit the computers for at least 1 year maybe two. I mean really catch on like dvd drives have. They are far too expensive and only the rich can endulge but when they hit £100 mark they will cause a freenze. :iagree:

I totaly agree with you on the imporving the 16x write strategy on the benq drives, but my thought is when you prepare a technology for burning at 18x speed (it would be different from normal 16x speed burning methods) the the new method would be an imporvement on the lower 16xspeed quality. well i would like to think so anyway. :eek:

I am having so much luck with burning I ordered two more BenQ 1655’s for my son’s and wife’s computer…

But, this lightscribe communication error and NERO should be posted in your support forum with the information oin how to fix it. (Including the Lightscribe engine uninstall tool). That would really be nice since your support area seems rather weak.

Just out of curiosity … why would anybody need to burn a DVD faster than 8x or 12x for that matter? And any faster than 24x for a CD?


Please enable 12x writing speed in the BenQ DW1670.

And thank you for solving the CD-RW bug in the BenQ DW1650, I now can us my older High Speed CD-RW again.

BenQ please don’t ditch support for the DW1640 :disagree:

Give us one last Firmware to flash… :iagree:


Yesterday I heard that BenQ will stop selling DVD burners in Europe!?!? I guess other countries and US will be next!

So, everyone is dashing to buy 1650/1655 as soon as they can!!!

Is there any truth to this???

Now, if that is true and BenQ stops selling Burners … I guess F/W will stop growing also???


Bought a BenQ DW1650 DVD RW, will write CDr/rw but not DVD-R, help!

I am using Nero 7.

Hi Wazzarsa,

do this …

  1. Get program called “ImgBurn 2.1” it is free. Leave it in Default and burn your DVD Images (.ISO) files with onto your DVD-R or whatever you like. BTW, if you have any DVD+R … 1650 can bitset.

  2. Use NERO for your CD burnings.

Just out of curiosity … what Brand DVD-Rs are you using? At what speed are you planning to burn them?

G! :slight_smile:

17 Hours Ago #228

Thanks for the reply, I am using Verbatim DVD-R 4.7 GB/120min.

I have a replay from the BenQ support adivising me to update my firmware,


I have not tried to use the drive since I “upgraded” it, and I will download that “ImgBurn 2.1” programme asap, like now.

Thanks will let you know what happens.

Hey Waaz, :slight_smile:

You are in “Great” shape now … with F/W upgrade and getting latest and best Burning software “ImgBurn” and Verbs blanks … you will make nothing but QUALITY burns. :clap:

G! :wink:

It would be nice to have a good external firmware for the 1655 already.

Give us RSER and BSER on the new Blu-ray stuff. If we can’t get it in software then give us a pin on the controller chip so we can build a DIO interface and investigate the new media coming out…This would really help promote the overall product…Best.

I’d like to ask the Benq engineers if they plan to release enough documentation to write a QScan/QSuite clone application for Mac OS X or if they plan to write the application directly.
I’d like to use the DW1640 I own with my Mac…

My two cents,love my Benq 16x,does anything I want on the 64bit rig.I like Sony/Imation/Verbatim media.I’ve had it less than a year and am past 100 burns using nero,whether it’s movies,music,or backups(via Ghost).

Love my 1655. Benq had generated “HUGE” brand loyalty with me. So naturally they sell the company to the one drive mfg that was near the bottom of my loyalty list. (I own a litey 811 so I know) Maybe the benq isn’t so amazing but compared to my old lite-on the benq looks like it was designed by the divine hisself. The benq burns everything all the time regarless of firmware knowlege of the media. The 811 burns even old media it should know, mediocre at best. MEdia it doesn’t know or new 16x media it will fail spectacularly. Bye bye benq. Hoping your engineering will rub off on your new taskmasters.

Make firmware and software open source (BenQ 1620 through 1670).
There are enough people on CdFreaks with enough knowledge of the matter.

Really, PLEASE make QSuite and flashing tools open source.
Even if it only 5% more users, it’s a lot of people.