Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

SATA Drives, More Cache, and More Malaysian Made Drives, and please stay with Philips chipset/optical pickup head

Stop/play button for the front panel with headphone jack and volume knob. I hate windows media player

I bought Benq 4x DVD+RW and it shows the media table entry is not present. Why arent you supporting your own make media? Kindly introduce media entry for this particular media.
I have made a request at your site but till date there has been no responese.

Qsuite Image

Wishful thinking galore… The Philips/BenQ tech guys won’t listen to the end users, but they will listen to their line managers, who get the line from the board of directors, who in turn get the line from the strongest shareholder(s). Not being cynical, just saying it as it is. The only way that BenQ or Philips (or any other company for that matter) would listen to customers, is only if they are completely pestered by a massive ammount of e-mails/phonecalls by end users commenting/complaining, if this is a coordinated effort then maybe the decision makers would pay some attention to Joe Public’s opinion, and again they would only do it just for the sake of limiting any damage to the reputation of their company…

Please tune and support MKM A02 on all BenQ’s firmware

Then why doesnt every member hear send 10 emails to BENQ saying to add udma 4 and a new firmware that supports ty 03

The thing about the Media Entry - there’s an error with one of the firmware that returns UN-Known for practically all media. Please make sure you have updated.

I just realised even the latest firmware seems to show Un-Known for all media - Please fix the command. It worked on previous firmware…

It has to be a coordinated effort, and it would take more than a few users sending e-mails in order to MAYBE get a result (a very BIG maybe…).

I would like to point out the BenQ does read our forum and have reacted to several issues in the past - a good example recently being ala42’s problem with BSNB/BEGB not detecting DVD-ROM DL PTP discs. :wink:

… which still is not fixed in the EW164B BExx firmwares :slight_smile:

I suppose they can always pretend they care… Me being cynical? Yes, but then again too many RMAs will do this to you…

I would like to reiterate a need for a newer firmware for the BenQ 1655, one that calibrates Yuden-000-T03-000 properly. I also think that BenQ should release the origional firmware to the public (BCAB) because there are alot of people that got better results with that than the newer BCDB, and a UDMA 4 external firmware would also be appreciated, BenQ did it for the 1640, why not the 1655?

A nice feature would be unsupported media reporting. What this would do is report to you when the media you are about to write to has no suitable writing strategy available for it. I just spent over a dozen Ritek blanks trying to figure out why they werent being burnt correctly, only to later discover the burner doesnt even support that media.

My suggestion is for Qsuite to be fixed so that it doesn’t complain about “not a Benq drive” if another make of drive is installed at an earlier logical device letter. For example, I have a Pioneer Drive on D: and a Benq on E:, and whenever I start Qsuite I have to click through the warning messages until I can select the Benq drive.

Gaius Baltar, yes this is a nice suggestion to fix, but I’m sure you know that you can temporarily set BenQ on D: and you Pioneer on E: and QSuite will not show warning messages.

Yes, I know that, but I want my DVD-Rom on D, where it’s been for the last upteen years. The Benq is the master drive, so there’s no need for QSuite to complain as if there’s no Benq drive in the system when it’s actually there. I could understand the warnings if there was no Benq drive, but it’s right there in the menu everytime you start the program anyway!

We could use some new firmwares for the 1655 and 1640 that do not pause at 380mbs when scanning.

For Philips Engineers:
always update the fw and always use the benq mechanism, because i had some problems with cdd3610 and with vcr philips (charlie mechanism.). now i have a 1625k and i hope to be a benq mechanism inside.

My BenQ DW 1650 destroyed 2 of my older CD-RW because of this:

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
 Disc type:    : CD-RW
 Manufacturer: : CMC Magnetics
 MID           : 97m26s65f
 Write speeds: : 48 X
 Capacity:     : 79:59.74
               : 703 MB
Extended Information
 Usage         : General
 Disc Status   : Closed
Raw Data
0000 - A1 00 CE 00 61 1A 41 00 4F 3B 4A 00 24 1A D8 00 - ....a.A.O;J.$...
0010 - 26 A2 4A 00 00 00 00 00                         - &.J.....

Write speed of 48x for a High Speed CD-RW!!!

With a recent CD-RW I bought the info is correct:

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
 Disc type:    : CD-RW
 Manufacturer: : Infodisc
 MID           : 97m25s30f
 Write speeds: : 4 X - 10 X
 Capacity:     : 79:59.73
               : 703 MB
Extended Information
 Usage         : General
 Disc Status   : Open
Raw Data
0000 - B3 00 CE 00 61 19 1E 00 4F 3B 49 00 24 1A D8 00 - ....a...O;I.$...
0010 - 26 B2 4A 00 00 00 00 00                         - &.J.....

Please update the Yuden-000-T03-000 media code to current specifications, at this point the 8x+ Yuden media is better than the 16X.