Suggestions to BenQ and/or Philips Engineers

BenQ and Philips users that are reading our forums can contribute to the development of the drives by posting suggestions for the engineers in this forum thread. The engineers might read it and do their best to make sure your wishes will be made reality in their drives.

just keep it up:)

You guys are doing fantastic so far, keep the momentum.

Don’t play the “political” game as some other makers do. Keep the format wars out of your decisions and designs and listen too and pay attention to what the customer wants (within reason of course). If you make one customer happy that may gain you 10 sales. If you dissapoint one customer, that can lose you 100 sales.

Single format drives play favorites. Dual format drives don’t!

Tools and utilities build enthusiasum, keep them coming.

I own or have owned numerous drives but I do most of my burning with my BenQ!


Make your products available in South Korea, too! (Perhaps not a good message for Philips engineers, but for marketing department at BenQ?)

I guess the engineers will hear us, they’re working very hard on the firmware/special tools side.

Really hope they can work on the lead out timing if possible, it’s way too long. :slight_smile:

Add DVD-RAM to your DVD burners. :iagree:

So far BenQ is doing great IMO.
Hope they can improve more on new writing strategies that will enable us to overspeed even more media and have even better quality burns…

Ok, so I’m just greedy…LOL~

Add support for reading (full) Lead-In en Lead-Out (already supported).
Add support for writing weak sectors sothat it will be the first 3-sheep burner.
Add higher reading speeds for all media.
Add 52x CD-R and 32x CD-RW support.
Add 16Mb buffer.
Add SATA support.
Add DVD-R DL writing.
Add Mount Rainier support.
Add reading C2 Errors support.
Make it standard region free. :wink:

It would be great if you can make an integrated BenQTools, as in Plextor’s Plextools, but better!

add more fuction on BenQ QVideo.

-can set 6hr record mode.
-add schedule record.
-support dvd-r/rw

i think benq will not add this … because may pay royalty fee ??

hope that free upgrade:

  • DVD+RW = 8x , DVD-RW = 6x
  • DVD+R DL possible 6x , 8x ??

That will make BenQ products better but could make Philips standalone DVD recorders even more irrelevant and redundant.

And let it run on Lite-On, LG, Samsung, Plextor, NEC, Pioneer instead of making it proprietary.

Pay as much attention to the -R recording quality as you do for +R…
Your +R quality seems to be AMAZING, but your -R quality seems “good”

Work harder on RITEK media strategies, they are VERY, VERY popular!

Make it possible to read DVD recordable media @ 16x, like the NEC 3500. Heh… quality scan @ 16x would also be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my suggestions:

  1. For those of us w/o desktops, how about an external version that is similar to the internal models (follow Plextor’s footsteps here)

  2. Support overburning of DVD+/-R(W) media

  3. Support 8mb buffer (16mb seems a little too much at the moment since others)

  4. Definetly improve -R media. At least to the qlt of +R if possible

  5. Always keep improving on the latest technology and bring it out before your competitors.

  1. For those of us w/o desktops, how about an external version that is similar to the internal models (follow Plextor’s footsteps here)

I believe an external version is already available. The USB 2.0 external model of DW1620 is EW162I, which can be found at

  1. Support overburning of DVD+/-R(W) media

Just out of curiosity, which drive supports DVD overburning? I thought overburning was only possible with CD blanks.

  1. Definetly improve -R media. At least to the qlt of +R if possible
    Yeah I agree with this too. But in fact the quality of -R/W is already quite good, especially with the new firmware B7P9, which supports 4x DL as well.

I don’t own the 16X BenQ drive, (but I have HP300e, paid $300 back then, which is a rebadged BenQ). Anyway, I itch to get one soon, maybe the 1620Pro.

Something like the Plextor Plextool’s SecuRec would be nice.

I bought my BenQ because of the “autofocus” head that is known for surviving UPS shipping and the Phillips reputation for working well with onboard drive controllers.

I kept my BenQ because I finally tried it with +R. When and if it burns a DVD to completion, it has done a great job. Yeah, the BenQ screws up like everything else, but the real reason I kept my BenQ: It admits when it has not successfully made a good +R so that I can retry. There are no dissappointments later when I’m trying to retrieve a backup file. This is an industry first!!! Wow!!!

I am also impressed that it can read a scratched DVD-ROM or +R disc.

I need for the BenQ to have success reading from a variety of DVD-R discs.

I need for the BenQ to be able to recover from “controller reset” or the frequently reported error of “slows down to 4x” “intermittent” and playing with the bitsetting or restarting the computer stops the bad mood. I have 2 BenQ that do this. Fix it.

I need for the BenQ Qscan utility to inform me if the drive has no write strategy for a given -R disc. In fact, I need Qscan to contain data on successful DVD-R types and tell me if I don’t have one of them. That way, I can return the incompatible disc to the store unused and undamaged for a full refund. In fact, some little printed report from Qscan that I can take to customer service would be a nice benefit.
Wow!!! That would be an industry first too!!!

Obviously, you guys have made a fantastic product. We need to combat the needless RMA (returns) issues caused by media.

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There are 481 motherboards for my processor. 221 will foul DVD writing in some way, but only 37 have no recourse. But, there are not so many varieties of chipset.
For instance: Via running in soft mode may be set to UDMA=OFF in the BIOS (Windows=Multi-Word DMA) so that the BenQ may work.
Or an IDE card may be installed.
Via running in hard mode (in which case there will be no UDMA options in the BIOS) after a several hour up-time may or may not scan the ports and may or may not cause the BenQ “controller reset error” and coasters until computer power is cycled. Is there a more appropriate fix than restarting-before-writing?
What does BenQ recommend?
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