Suggestions Please


I’ve been looking at buying a DVD+R drive for the sole purpose of backing up Movie DVDs.

I’ve spent the last few days reading endless FAQs and product reviews and i feel i understand the basics of DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD-RAM at least on the surface level.

The problem is virtually NO product reviews really cover the “ease of backup” of Comercial DVDs. (with good reason i guess)

I was looking at basicly buying the fastest DVD+R that i could find and just going from there, but there doesnt seem to be much concrete info available as it relates to DVD backup on -perticular- drives.

What im looking for:

  1. What DVD+R should i buy for backup of Movie DVDs ?

  2. What DVD Media do i buy? Does 8X media even exist?

  3. Does the DVD+R drive even matter for Movie duplication or is it more the software ?

I was looking at buying a Plextor PX708A (for the 8X DVD+R) but im willing to buy anything that will make life easier on me.

Im not sure if it matters in terms of “types of copyprotection” but key things i want to backup are:

Star Trek: The Original Series
Twilight Zone (Original series)
The Civil War (Ken Burns)
The World At War (narrated by Lawerence Olivier)

thanks in advance


If you want to have the “fastest DVD+R” you should definately be looking at the latest generation, the 8x burners. The Plextor you mentioned is a good choice.
It will work fine for backing up commercial dvd’s—virtually any dvd recorder will do so with the right software (dvd ram is not a good choice for that particular task but the other formats will work).

8x media is on the way, if not already here in certain markets. You may or may not get good results burning at 8x though. Too many variables to know for sure without testing for yourself. This will depend on the quality of the drive, the effectiveness of the firmware installed on the drive, and the quality and compatiblity of the media.

Look for Taiyo Yuden media whenever possible. Look for Made in Japan on the side of the packaging and most likely it will be TY. Quality of media and the problems selecting good media is an ongoing issue, not easily solved for many in the US, because most of the 4x dvd’s are coming out of Taiwan, and are impossible to differentiate just looking at the outside labels. You can order TY online, but the only ones I’ve seen are 2x -R disks.

There are many good programs to use for backing up movies, but two of the best are free—DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. You’ll need a good burning program as well if you use DVDShrink. I use Nero 5.5 and have been pleased with the results.

If you don’t have an overwhelming immediate need for a dvd burner, the dual density burners and media will be coming out this next year. Greater capacity and no need for compression to fit a commercial dvd onto a disk.
They will be expensive at first and who can predict what kind of problems they’ll have with media, but they will be superior for backing up movies. Not sure I want to be one of the first using them though.

Hope some of this helps.

Your Questions::

  1. What DVD+R should i buy for backup of Movie DVDs ?

  2. What DVD Media do i buy? Does 8X media even exist?

  3. Does the DVD+R drive even matter for Movie duplication or is it more the software ?

In answers to your questions:

1 and 2. It might be best to get one piece of a couple of different name brand media in order to see which works. 8x media exists currently in drips,it’s just how 4x was this time last year,but with the Plextor ,it’s been widely documented, even
here,and my brother told me this also,that Memorex 4x burns at 8x in that burner.

  1. During my short time burning DVD,I’ve noticed that many people used
    DVD RW (+/-) for data ,while using the R
    for movies they plan on keeping.

One important thing to note is that you
should make sure the machines in your home can play DVD+R,many older machines IMHO cannot. Case In Point,I got Raiders Of The Lost Ark Trilogy on a DVD+R
and two of my machines responded with a message on the TV when I inserted the DVD:" Get that junk outta here’…:bigsmile: Seriously though,I had to copy it on DVD-R before it would work

In terms of a reliable burner,the Pioneer
106 is king at this time with the 107 being released,if not next month,then early January. It’s a dual (+/-) 8x burner
and since Pioneer has had a long excellent reputation of compatibility with
even the cheapest of media,the 107 would be a safe bet. Wriite back,and let us know how you are doing…:cool:

Thanks for the input guys. Veryhelpful.

I was hoping to go out tonight and pick up a burner. Generally i dont like to order components off the net, as i like to be able to walk into the store and bitch at a human being when the stuff doesnt work.

Which leaves me with Best Buy, Circut City and Comp USA as places to buy at.

None of them seem to have that Pioneer 106 they have other 4X Pionerr drives at around 200 bucks each.

I guess im going to just buy the Plextor and pray.

One thing im wondering is if there is a way to know beforehand if +R or -R play on a DVD player? Is there a certian spec i can lookup to know this? Or am i just going to have to try both and pray?

Also is there such a thing as a DVD backup software that is fairly “insert-click-burn…” without having to play to many games and decide what to compress and what not?

u can look up ur player on DVDRhelp to see what it’s capable of playing.

all of the transcoders default to compressing everything at the same compression ratio, so if u don’t want to change any of the settings, u can just do that.

holy cow that dvdrhelp website is sweet! thanks for the tip…