Suggestions Please

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to get some suggestions on what type of camcorder to buy for a unique purpose. I want to mount it to a bracket I ordered that screws into the front of my bow. I want to be able to record target shooting and some hunting from treestand. I just want to play and keep the video on my PC for personal collection and don’t think i will need much if any editing.
It will need to be light, compact, have good optical stabilization features, and be able to take a little vibration/recoil without much pixel corruption or triggering auto shutoff.
I had the panasonic vdr-d 210 or the Canon DC-210 in mind…what do you guys think.

Dunno, but i found this article regarding high speed photography. Perhaps interesting for you.

My suggestion would be to get one that does not have moving parts, e.g. one that records directly to SD card or to an SSD (solid state disk). All DVD, HDD and DV camcorders have moving parts and are most likely to be interrupted if they experience sudden shock or movement, so these are likely to cut out for a brief moment each time you launch an arrow. Camcorders that record to SD also tend to be the lightest.

Both models you suggested are DVD based, which is probably the most susceptible to movement. The Canon FS100 is worth a look at, which records directly to SD card, has 48x zoom and is image stabilised. :wink:

Thanks so much…finally a straight answer after many posts on many other camcorder sites. I’ll start looking at reviews and deals for this cam and steer away from Mini dv and DVD types.