Suggestions on upgrading

Hi everyone, I have an old cpu that uses a 1.8ghz p4 chip. The motherboard is ok made by dell, but it doesn’t fit in any other case besides the dell i have, maybe it was just designed for the dell cases. I want to upgrade my comp. putting in a nice cooling system, and a nice motherboard, but am not sure what kind of a motherboard, what is a good one. any recommendations? Also I want to try to do something cool with it, it is old, and so wanted to try some kind of cooling system, not sure what is good either.

Well what is it that you want?

As you say yourself: your mainboard can’t fit in your current case. You need a new case. If you want good cooling, cases like those from LianLi are the best (though expensive). Cheaper aluminium cases are quite good as well, but not as nice as those from LianLi.
Regular cases can cool quite good as well, but they often need some more fans (or faster (=noisier) fans).

What the mainboard is concerned: what are your wishes? Do you want additional features such as a RAID controller, FireWire etc etc? And what about the CPU? Will you be using your old CPU (is it a socket 423 or 478?) or do you want a new one? Do you want dual channel memory support? Etc etc :smiley:

Not sure why you are saying that your computer is old. A P4 1.8Ghz is plenty fast for most anything you want to do now-a-days. If it’s running slow get some more memory or a new graphics card. Your comp isn’t even 4 years old. I mean I still got my old Dell Dimension 4100, P3 733Mhz and it can run UT2k4 at nearly max graphics.

If the motherboard will only fit in the Dell case, then, conversely, it’s doubtfull that a “standard” mobo will fit the case anyway. You’re probably looking at building a new computer from the ground up.

As dee-ehn said, you need to work out exactly what it is you want to do first.
Then comes the biggie - “How much money do you have to spend”?
Then you start looking to see what you can afford :slight_smile: