Suggestions on the best anti-virus software, Norton isn't the same anymore!

Ok, I have Norton Anti-Virus Software Security, with Antivirus, antispam and a firewall. What other programs are out there that are actually better and actually work lol.
I mean I guess Norton isn’t that bad BUT it could be better.

Thanx guys.

Read this. It is a read of a new rootkit type software. Just when you thought it could not get any worse it does. The AV companies will have to deal with this, some do allready, others do not. Take your time for awhile to see who can catch this new threat before getting anything.

This person is following in the foot steps of the holy father.
Wish they would spend a little more time working on disc protections and a little less time with rootkits. Sounds like this person has all the abilitys needed sort of like Hollywoods and Microsofts worst nightmare rolled into one

I personally use AVG Free.

Hi :slight_smile:
If it’s free your after then Avast.
If not, NOD32 gets my vote.

I heard of Kaspersky being decent - I personally use Norton and have no issues…you might want to complement your anti-virus with a good trojan scanner and firewall.

I highly recommend this:

This is one great piece of software and should complement any anti-virus software you use - it enhances any software you might use so if norton doesn’t detect something this one will take over and it also detects rootkits as well.

For antivirus protection use mcafee / bitdefender / nod32

for firewall use zonealarm/pro

As for AVG free and pro it fails level 2 west coast labs on demand on access test. Which means it might locate a virus but not disinfect it.

kaspersky catches everything.
sygate(now norton…:(…) works good along w/ zone alarm and tiny do a good job.

I think Kaspersky Suite is the best, I’ve tried most of them and this beats everything I’ve used and tested.

Loads of tests rank Kaspersky at the top, but I heard it is resource hungry…?

Currently running AVG and Zone-Alarm…seems ok so far.
Secretmaker looks to have a good set-up…may be worth checking out.

My personal favorites are nod32, bitdefender or kaspersky.

Avast has been good for my purposes, linked with Sygate’s personal firewall (free).

I use a package from my ISP that works very well, in conjunction with the odd Trend Micro online scan.

If I were to switch AV’s now though, I’d pick either Avast or Nod32.

avast let me down on malware and scriptblocking,kaspersky doesn’t

just statred using kaspersky and i think it’s quite good.

Yeah, script-blocking is always handy…thanks, another one to consider, should I switch :slight_smile:

For anyone considering switching to Kaspersky, make sure you purchase the Suite as that comes with the firewall and puts ZA Pro to shame.

I’m using the CA1 suite which includes ZoneAlarm for the past 5 months on two of my PC’s. In the past I’ve used Norton, and McAfee suites. I’ve found that the CA1 uses far less resources, my startup time is much faster, and it’s been very effective at blocking everything so far. Even to the point where it’s sometimes a pain to play spades on pogo. So far I’m very happy with the CA1 suite.