Suggestions on Quality Current DVD9's?

Last batch I tried were the “legendary” 2.4x Verb AZO’s when BB was blowing them out. 1/2 the discs were scratched & results were very inconsistent.

I was using FTI/Falcon for years, but as of a few months ago their quality had become dreadful & also inconsistent.

made in singapore 8x verbatims still seem to be of good quality.

Rima still has MIS 2.4x in 20 and 50 pc spindles, inkjet, thermal and plain.

Are the MIS the AZO’s with the purple label only? I assume the cheaper white label Verbs at Rima are the equivalent of Value line?

I’m down to my last three Falcon Media DVD+R DL discs which I purchased in late 2009.

I’d like to pick up another 50 pack of DVD+R DVD9 discs.
Which brand/model of DVD9 discs does the forum recommend?

Thank You,


Is RITEK S04 still being manufactured? Has anything supplanted it as the runner up to Verbatim and Falcon? I have DVD+R DL TDKs from years ago that are still burning OK.