Suggestions on Media for Sony DRU-500ULX?

Hello again all:

Just a quick Question…

I have the Sony DRU-500ULX, and love it. I have tried a lot of -R media which works fine, but I would like to know what media you guys suggest for this burner. I obviously do not want 1x media… takes way too long to burn… maybe 2x or 4x… but what do you suggest? AND… where can I get it for a decent price?

Any help is always appreciated.

Regards to all,

I burn Verbatim DataLife Plus 4X discs all the time…with great success. Also try TDK 4X.


I tried a 4x DVD-R sampler from Meritline. The Samsung and Optodisk burn at 4x and playback fine with my Sony 500A. The 4x Meritline, actually Ritek disks, burned at 2x. The disks labeled 4x Ritek burned at 4x. I have had batches of Riteks burn at 2x and batches that burn at 4x…go figure. The Princo / DVDPRO white burn at 2x, same for Accu / Lead Data. They all burnt at 4x and played back fine with my Pioneer 105. Good luck.

PS. I used to buy from ebay, but do not any more, as many of the “dealers” call their products OEM but the disks were not OEM just cheap and poor quality or poorly handled.