Suggestions on 2000i / 480i HP Printer Inks

Hi there,
My first post here and very happy to have found you all!
We’ve recently acquired a Rimage 2000i, which seems to have performed very well for the last 250 cd’s. However, we’re now low/out of colour ink and I’ve been studying the various discussions about compatibles.

I think I’ve found all the discussions on this forum about possibilities, someone mentions HP C8857A for colour - though I’ve not yet managed to find anywhere selling these in the UK.

It’s not really viable for us to be paying even the Microboards prices for these suckers, so was hoping someone could help me source cheaper inks.

Alternatively, as the 2000i doesn’t stop you printing when the inks run to 0%, maybe someone has tips on refilling the original cartridges if at all possible? (I’ve got a set of Microboards originals).

I tried a compatible cart with C6657A - but of course, the 2000i sat there and laughed at me and told me tyo ‘sod off’ in morse code as its little yellow light blinked away…

Any help appreciated in advance.