Suggestions for the BlindWrite Suite Team

I’ve recently tested BlindWrite Suite 4.4& 4.5 trying to backup Safedisc 2.8-2.9 with a “2 sheep”(Polaroid BurnMAX 48x burner and my backups WON’T play without some kind of emulation in my burner (ignore media type, hide cd-r). Autorun is enabled and still my backups won’t play. I then tested Alcohol 120 and my backups play in my Litey LTD 165H flawlessy:D . I conducted another test with a “1 sheep” burner (LG GCE 0824) and I could play my backup in my burner with emulation. So why don’t you add emulation options to your great program? You can maybe add a seperate tool (like you did for SecuROM\BWA Builder)? My opionion, Alcohol 120 is ahead of you when backing up Safedisc 2.8-2.9 but BlindWrite Suite has mastered SecuROM 4.8.x. Just some feedback, lol.

Shoey :slight_smile:

Maybe you should read this thread and use email: