Suggestions for developers of Nero

1. It’s known that on some writers, even if you select 40x or 32x write speed, they write at lower speeds on some media, but you don’t know this. You can however guess this by looking at the final writing time.

It would be very nice, if Nero could comunicate with the writer and display some info such as:

Current Writing Speed : 16x or whatever

When there is a Zone Change (on Z-CLV writers), display a message such as:

Changing speed from 16x to 20x
Changing speed from 20x to 24x

Some writers evend reduce the speed on the finish if the media is not good enough (eg: Teac 40x)

Changing speed from 32x to 24x

If the media is not good, and the writer limits the speed from the start of the burn, it could display:

Writing speed limited to 16-24x due to media

2. Statistics:

Total GB Written : 250 GB on 425 CD’s
Average writing speed : 17,5 X

3. User Interface

  • bigger and nicer shortcut buttons

  • a small window where a real-time graphic it’s displayed when writing (like on CD Speed) where one could observe in real-time the speed of writing of each zone