Suggestions for buying blank BD-R media

hi, newbie here. can anyone suggest which blank BD-R 25GB in USA (thanksgiving sale) is better to buy for successful burns and long archival life (in order of preference) (direct links would be even more helpful)? please skip MDISCS - not very economical. and also which is good - LTH or HTL? i browsed this forum and found lots of screenshots of graphs but i dont know how to interpret them. thanks in advance. if this has been asked before please move this thread to the appropriate place. sorry for the inconvenience.

Verbatim HTL 25gb discs are still a safe bet I believe. Don’t get LTH discs.

They will have M * A * B * L on the label somewhere, like these at Amazon:

They have 10 count packs and 25 ct packs as well.

You can get Panasonic BD-Rs from eBay, but they are not produced anymore, and get more and more expensive.
The best BD-Rs for a reasonable price are Verbatim Data Life CMC discs (CMCMAGBA5), that are sold in 25 pack #43837 and 50 pack #43838. Despite their quality range, even within the same spindle, the overall qualtiy is good to excellent (yet).
The more expensive Verbatim Data Life Plus / MABL discs (VERBATIMe) are available in 10 packs #43742, usually very good quality.
Stay away from RiCrap media. :wink: And I second not to buy/use LTH discs anymore.

thanks a lot Kerry56, Oinker.
speaking of panasonic, do you mean these:

To not consider MDISC because they are “not very economical” is a seriously false economy IMO. For archival data you should want only the best.

Long time member, 1st time to burn BD-r, a couple of weeks ago, on my 9 yr old Liteon IHBS112 started with the Plexdisc 633-214 MID OTCBDR002 fr amazon, after finishing the spindle, tried the verbatim Datalife 43812 with MID CMCMAGBA5 fr eBay. Both are HTL x6.

Burning always at 4x, all seems good, so far. Anyway I notice at the last of the cakebox around last 15 disc out of 50 I notice that I should not burn at the maximum 23.3GB of data, otherwise my scan of the disc are awful at the end. So I kept the data around 22.5~22.9GB just to be safe.

I choose this two disc after some research here and budgetary reason.

Next time I would like to try out some 25/50gb panasonic in 30pk x4 soon.

If price is your concern, then archiving and longevity are not. It is one or the other. I choose archival quality over price. But that is because I care about what I am burning and don’t want to loose any due to cheap media.

I’ve recently been working on burning Sony’s 128GB discs for archiving and space reasons. Very nice! The MDISC 100GB discs are also in my hands but I’ve already burned all the blanks I had purchased so far. When I get more MDISC ones (and some time), I will be sacrificing one disc of each and doing some testing between the two.

This is aside from over 15 stacks of Panasonic and TDK made BD-R & BD-R DL discs. Mainly BD-R DL for both.

I didn’t know about 100GB M-DISC and see they are from Verbatim. Sorta pricey but glad to know they exist, thanks for posting!

i just intended to mean a balance between price and archival life.
but unfortunately as you can see here:

i had to postpone my purchase of BD writer, and hence the discs. :frowning: i will however follow this forum actively for all knowledge that i can gain in this topic. my sincere thanks all for your valuable suggestions.